A Car Traveled 18.5 Miles in 15 Minutes

A Car Traveled 18.5 Miles in 15 Minutes

Alex runs around his school race track one time in 15 minutes and takes another 25 minutes to run around a second time. If the form is 4 miles long, what is his approximate average speed in miles per hour for the entire run?


15 + 25 = 40 minutes. 40 minutes is two/3 of an hour. Distance = rate x fourth dimension. Using this formula, we have 4 = (2/3) r. To solve for r we multiply both sides past (2/3). r = vi

If a machine travels 60 mph for 2 hours, 55 mph for 1.v hours and xxx mph for 45 minutes, how far has the car traveled?

Possible Answers:

202.5 miles

1552.5 miles

225 miles

120 miles

145 miles


Distance traveled = mph ten hour

60mph ten 2hours + 55mph 10 ane.5 hours + 30 mph x 45 minutes (or .75 hours) =

120 miles + 82.5 miles + 22.5 miles = 225 miles

If an object travels at 1200 ft per hour, how many minutes does it take to travel 180 ft?

Possible Answers:

7 minutes

9 minutes

xi minutes

8 minutes

10 minutes


1200 ft per hour becomes 20 ft per second (carve up 1200 by 60 because at that place are hour in an hour). 180/xx is 9, giving 9 minutes to travel 180 ft.

If y’all live three miles from your schoolhouse. What average speed practise y’all accept to ride your cycle become to your school from your house in 15 minutes?

Possible Answers:

five miles/hour

ten miles/ hour

fifteen miles/hour

3 miles/60 minutes

12 miles/hour

Right respond:

12 miles/hour


The best way to discover speed is to divide the distance by time. Since time is given in minutes we must convert minutes to hours and so that our units match those in the answer choices. (3miles/15min)(60min/1hr)=12miles/hr;  Remember when multipliying fractions to multiply straight beyond the meridian and bottom.

Vikki is able to consummate 4 Saturday reading questions in 6 minutes. At this rate, how many questions can she answer in three 1/2 hours?


Get-go, find how many minutes are in 3 1/2 hours: 3 * 60 + 30 = 210 minutes. So carve up 210 by six to notice how many six-minute intervals are in 210 minutes: 210/6 = 35. Since Vikki can complete four questions every 6 minutes, and in that location are 35 half dozen-minute intervals we can multiply 4 past 35 to make up one’s mind the total number of questions that she can consummate.

4 * 35 = 140 problems.

The price of
kilograms of quartz is 50 dollars, and each kilogram makes
clocks. In terms of
due south
thou, what is the cost, in dollars, of the quartz required to brand 1 clock?

Possible Answers:

) / fifty

) /

l / (ks

) /
due south

/ (50k

Correct respond:
fifty / (ks


We desire our effect to have units of “dollars” in the numerator and units of “clocks” in the denominator. To do and then, put the given information into conversion ratios that cause the units of “kilogram” to abolish out, every bit follows: (50 dollar/thou
kilogram)* (ane
/ s clock) = fifty/(ks) dollar/clock.

Since the ratio has dollars in the numerator and clocks in the denominator, it represents the dollar price per clock.

Minnie can run 5000 feet in 15 minutes.  At this rate of speed, how long will it take her to fun 8500 feet?

Possible Answers:

36.5 min

20 min

18.5 min

75.5 min

25.5 min


Notice the rate of speed.  5000ft/fifteen min = 333.33 ft per min

Divide distance by speed to find the fourth dimension needed

8500ft/333.33ft per min = 25.5

Ruddy drives to her grandmother’s house and back. On the way there, she travels at an average speed of 40 miles per hr. On the way dorsum, she travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. What is Ruby’s boilerplate speed for the unabridged round trip?

If an object takes 10 minutes to go 3 miles, how fast is the object going?

Possible Answers:

3/10 mph

18 mph

10/3 mph

1/2 mph

36 mph


First convert minutes to hours, so 10 minutes is i/6 hours; then remember distance = charge per unit * time, then altitude/time = charge per unit then 3/(1/6) = 18 mph

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A Car Traveled 18.5 Miles in 15 Minutes

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