A Hiker Travels 1.0 Kilometers South

A Hiker Travels 1.0 Kilometers South

1. A unit used for a vector quantity is
2. A displacement vector with a magnitude of twenty. meters could take perpendicular components with magnitudes of
3. A hiker travels 1.0 kilometer south, turns and travels 3.0 kilometers due west, then turns and travels three.0 kilometers north. What is the total altitude traveled by the hiker?
four. A auto with an initial velocity of xvi.0 meters per 2nd due east slows uniformly to 6.0 meters per second due east in 4.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of the machine during this 4.0-second interval?
v. On the surface of planet X, a body with a mass of 10. kilograms weighs 40. newtons. The magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of planet X is
6. A car traveling in a straight line at an initial speed of 8.0 meters per second accelerates uniformly to a speed of 14 meters per second over a distance of 44 meters. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the automobile?
7. An object starts from rest and falls freely for xl. meters near the surface of planet P. If the time of fall is 4.0 seconds, what is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on planet P?
8. If a block is in equilibrium, the magnitude of the block’s dispatch is

nine. The diagram below shows a lite ray striking a plane mirror.

What is the bending of reflection?

ten. An electric field exerts an electrostatic forcefulness of magnitude 1.v 10 x-xiv
newton on an electron inside the field. What is the magnitude of the electric field strength at the location of the electron?

eleven. A 7.0-kilogram cart, A, and a 3.0-kilogram cart, B, are initially held together at rest on a horizontal, frictionless surface. When a compressed spring fastened to i of the carts is released, the carts are pushed apart. After the spring is released, the speed of cart B is half dozen.0 meters per second, equally represented in the diagram below.

What is the speed of cart A subsequently the spring is released?

12. An electron in a magnetic field travels at abiding speed in the circular path represented in the diagram below.

Which arrow represents the direction of the internet forcefulness acting on the electron when the electron is at position A?

thirteen. The potential difference between two points, A and B, in an electric field is 2.00 volts. The energy required to move a charge of 8.00 x 10-nineteen
coulomb from point A to signal B is
14. Which statement describes the gravitational force and the electrostatic forcefulness between two charged particles?
15. An electrostatic forcefulness exists between two -3.20 x 10-nineteen-coulomb point charges separated by a distance of 0.030 meter. As the distance betwixt the two bespeak charges is decreased, the electrostatic force of
xvi. What is the energy of the photon emitted when an electron in a mercury atom drops from energy level f to energy level b?
17. An observer counts 4 complete h2o waves passing by the end of a dock every x. seconds. What is the frequency of the waves?
18. Copper is a metal commonly used for electrical wiring in houses. Which metal conducts electricity amend than copper at 20°C?
nineteen. A motor does twenty. joules of work on a cake, accelerating the block vertically upwardly. Neglecting friction, if the gravitational potential free energy of the block increases past 15 joules, its kinetic free energy
20. When just one lightbulb blows out, an entire cord of decorative lights goes out. The lights in this string must be connected in
21. An electrical toaster is rated  1200  watts  at 120 volts. What is the total electric energy used to operate the toaster for xxx. seconds?
22. What is the charge per unit at which work is done in lifting  a 35-kilogram object vertically at a constant speed of 5.0 meters per 2d?
23. When a wave travels through a medium, the wave transfers
24. Glass may shatter when exposed to sound of a particular frequency. This phenomenon is an case of
25. Which waves require a fabric medium for manual?

A Hiker Travels 1.0 Kilometers South

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