A Tractor Trailer Truck is Traveling Down the Road

A Tractor Trailer Truck is Traveling Down the Road

one. The change of distance per unit of measurement time without reference to a item direction is called
2. Which of the following terms is Not related conceptually to the others?
3. If the cyberspace forcefulness on an object were doubled while at the same time the mass of the object was halved, and so the acceleration of the object is

4. If conventional (positive) electric current flows from left to right in a wire equally shown in the diagram,

what is the direction of the magnetic field at point P?

v. A tractor-trailer truck is traveling down the road. The mass of the trailer is 4 times the mass of the tractor.

If the tractor accelerates forrard, the force that the trailer applies on the tractor is

6. An plane with air speed 120 km/h is heading due due north in a wind blowing due east at 50 km/h. What is the ground speed of the aeroplane?
7. In the absenteeism of air resistance, if an object were to autumn freely near the surface of the Moon,
9. If air resistance tin can be neglected, what happens to the horizontal velocity component of a basketball every bit it is thrown to the basket from the gratis-throw line?
10. A simple automobile tin can NOT practice which of the post-obit:
11. Assume that the Earth attracts John Glenn with a gravitational force
at the surface of the Earth. When he made his famous second flight in orbit, the gravitational force on John Glenn while he was in orbit was closest to which of the following?

12. 2 boxes are accelerated to the correct on a frictionless horizontal surface as shown. The larger box has a mass of 9 kilograms and the smaller box has a mass of 3 kilograms.

If a 24 newton horizontal strength pulls on the larger box, with what force does the larger box pull on the smaller box?

xiii. A heating curl is rated 1200 watts and 120 volts. What is the maximum value of the current under these conditions?
14. A construction laborer holds a 20 kilogram sheet of wallboard iii meters to a higher place the floor for 4 seconds. During these four seconds how much power was expended on the wallboard?

fifteen. Given the graph of the velocity vs. time of a duck flying due s for the winter.

At what signal did the duck stop its forward motion?

16. Which of the following principles best explains why big tractor-trailer trucks more often than not accelerate much more slowly that automobiles?

17. The diagram below shows the position and elapsed fourth dimension of a automobile starting from rest and uniformly accelerating in a straight line.

What was the average velocity of the car during the third second?

18. The average dispatch during the entire 3 second interval is closest to

19. A 50 kilogram skater at rest on a frictionless rink throws a two kilogram brawl, giving the ball a velocity of 10.0 chiliad/due south. Which argument describes the skater’southward subsequent motion?

A Tractor Trailer Truck is Traveling Down the Road

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