Amish Country Home and Garden Show

Amish Country Home and Garden Show


If you’ve got a few (or more) old bricks lying effectually your place and you aren’t sure what to do with them, consider creating something beautiful for your home or garden. The archetype advent of brick matches well-nigh any style, and they’re pretty like shooting fish in a barrel to work with if you like DIY projects. From edging your flower beds to building your ain bench or h2o characteristic, here are x ideas to inspire your inventiveness.

Create a Path

One of the easiest things you can do with brick is create a smoothen, apartment path through your one thousand or garden. It adds rustic charm to your outside area, and the best part is that you lot don’t accept to get it perfect for information technology to expect good. Practice mixing and matching brick patterns before you make your layout permanent.


Does your yard have a hill or incline that’south difficult to walk upwardly and down? If so, you can use those bricks to create a stairway. Yous can besides use bricks to create steps going in and out of your dwelling, garden shed and other outbuildings.


Make a Bench

If you want a cozy identify to sit in the garden in the mornings to read the paper and drink a cup of java, attempt making your own brick bench. If yous discover it’s also hard, add together some outdoor cushions. Alternatively, you can bring a little bit of rustic beauty inside by adding a brick bench to your home’s entryway.

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Build a Brick Wall

A simple brick wall is probably the easiest item on the list to create, and information technology can serve a number of purposes. Use it for privacy in your m or to shade your favorite identify to sit from the lord’s day. Yous can also utilise information technology for any type of climbing plants and flowers, similar ivy or wisteria, that you want to add to your g.


Get Artistic with a H2o Characteristic

This one’s a little more complicated, but the results can add peace and breathtaking beauty to your outdoor space. Create a fountain, pond, waterfall or other outdoor characteristic for your pool, yard or garden. You may even attract frogs and other fun creatures to your infinite.


DIY Planters

Looking for something unique in which you can establish your favorite flowers? Try making a planter out of your bricks. This is a great project if you lot only have a few bricks on hand. If you want to plant something that runs, climbs or droops, make the planter taller then the flowers and foliage hang over the top.


Edge Your Garden Bed

This is another easy option that can plough a plain grand into something that looks professionally landscaped. Endeavor calculation some brick edging to your garden or flower beds. You can make it as brusque or as tall every bit y’all like, and, like the path, information technology doesn’t take to be perfect to wait adept.

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Argue Yourself In

Add some fashion and keep destructive creatures like rabbits and deer out of your garden with a brick fence. If you have a small chiliad, you may fifty-fifty consider building the fence around the entire space. Yous tin can make it solid or exercise different patterns, and you can play around with heights, likewise.

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Get Cozy with a Fire Pit

Fire pits are the perfect place to spend a cool night outdoors. You tin roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, cuddle up with a loved ane or only enjoy the peace and serenity. Brand those nights even more special by skipping the store-bought fire pits and making your ain in your yard.


Get Fancy with Columns

If you but take a small number of bricks, you lot may consider creating some columns in various places effectually your yard or garden to make those areas stand out. You tin exercise it at your gate to your fence, at the entry to your flower bed or anywhere you want to make a assuming argument. They’re pretty easy to build once you figure out the shape, style and tiptop y’all like.


Amish Country Home and Garden Show