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Beingness arrested can derail even the dreamiest of vacations, leaving the accused wondering if they still have the correct to head out on vacay despite their legal woes. The brusque answer is aye. If you’re out on bond (unless you’re specifically prohibited from leaving the surface area as a condition of your release), then you lot are gratuitous to move well-nigh every bit you normally would. However, if you take an upcoming pretrial conference or other court appearance, you lot will have to be back in fourth dimension for information technology or risk forfeiting your freedom.

Being Released Versus Existence Gratis

Simply considering you’re out on bond doesn’t hateful yous are free to practice what you lot want. Technically, you are not really gratis. You are no longer in custody, but the conditions of your release still limit your liberty. The prosecution in your example thinks they tin convince jurors of your guilt, and a judge is obligated to take steps to prevent you from absconding while also respecting your right to receive fair and reasonable bail. This is where restrictions on your movement come into play.

Limits on Movement

Earlier you were arrested, you lot were complimentary to become wherever you want, but the court can impose restrictions on your movement afterward your arrest. For case, the court can mandate that yous stay within the county, the country, or the country. In some instances, you may be confined to your abode with an electronic monitoring device. Restrictions like these tin brand taking a vacation hard at all-time or, in a worst-case scenario, impossible.

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Factors To Consider When Traveling Afterwards Conditional Release

While there’southward no one-size-fits-all reply to whether or not traveling subsequently release on bond is possible, hither are some factors to take into consideration:

  • The seriousness of the criminal offence for which you lot are accused.
    If you are charged with a violent or serious law-breaking, chances are skillful that you lot will not exist allowed to travel, at least non very far.
  • Your past criminal history.
    Do you have a lengthy history of run-ins with the law? An active criminal past increases the chances of travel restrictions as a condition of your release.
  • Your holiday destination.
    Some destinations are more than questionable than others. For case, a defendant accused of importing drugs might non be allowed to go to Mexico, but a trip to the beach i state over might be okay.
  • Your reputation.
    Practice you have a adept standing in the community? Some defendants who are known to be good, upstanding citizens are sometimes afforded more elbowroom than those who are in and out of jail regularly.

The bottom line is that each situation is unique. As a rule of pollex, it’due south ever wise to check in with your bail bondsman to make sure that he is aware of your travel plans. Your local Westmoreland County, PA bondservant is too a good source to determine if a vacation is in the cards for y’all, based on the weather of your release.

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