Arlington Park Home and Garden Show

Arlington Park Home and Garden Show


When it comes to decorating, it isn’t just the within of your dwelling house that needs some updating every once in a while. Your one thousand could employ a piffling sprucing upwards too. One great way to do that is by adding a cute garden with some unique, attending-grabbing features. Some are functional, and some simply look skillful, but they all help turn your 1000 into a gorgeous infinite where you tin can spend some time soaking upwards its natural beauty.

Ponds and Water Features

If you don’t already have a water feature in your 1000, consider adding one for a bit of tranquility. Ponds, fountains and waterfalls also make fun places for creatures similar frogs and turtles to hibernate. You tin can even add a few fish you lot like. It’ll look swell surrounded past flowers, rocks and plants.


Whether you lot place it at the archway or correct in the heart, an arbor adds some meridian to whatever garden. Permit some vining plants to abound over it to create a nice shady spot to sit on sunny days. Yous can buy the arbor from a hardware shop or make one yourself with various materials.



Whether yous take simple flower beds effectually the border of your house or a big elaborate garden, consider adding some some herbs, similar lavender, rosemary, basil, sage, mint and lemon lotion. They’ll put a sweetness odor in the air, add some beauty to your garden and best of all, you tin harvest them for cooking, making teas and other uses.

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If you like the idea of adding something useful to your garden, consider planting a vegetable garden. Y’all can plant them in rows or mix them in with flowers and other plants to create a wild-looking cottage or kitchen garden. Just make certain you plant items that complement each other in the same space as some vegetables don’t abound well next to others.


Sitting Expanse

Sometimes, just adding a uncomplicated table and chairs to your garden tin can modify the look and arrive announced more inviting. There’s zilch quite like sitting outdoors and enjoying a cup of coffee first matter in the morning time or cozying up with a book in the evening as the lord’s day sets. Yous may even opt to turn it into a full outdoor living space or kitchen with a grill, brick oven and lounging furniture.



Create a nice path through your garden or yard to make information technology more appealing for you and visitors to walk through and view your flowers or vegetables. You lot can use natural materials like pine straw or basis cover plants, or you can add pavers, shine rocks or concrete, depending on the look y’all want.


Planters and Pots

Instead of planting all of your flowers and vegetables straight into the ground, effort mixing in some pots and planters to your garden. Information technology’ll interruption up the monotony of seeing the same types of plants over and over again, and information technology’ll give you lot a chip more than control over some of your plants.



Sometimes all y’all have to exercise to bandbox up your garden is to add together some color. Flowers are great, but most of them don’t flower year-round. For this reason, effort calculation some plants with colorful foliage instead of choosing options that are just all dark-green.

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Become for something entirely unlike by adding a courtyard to your outdoor space. Enclose it with stone walls, fencing, vines, bushes or shrubs. Depending on the size of the courtyard, you can add together water features, sitting areas, planters and other interesting things to the infinite.


Raised Beds

Consider adding some raised beds to your garden. They’re easy to attain if you have back or knee problems, y’all can control the conditions inside them and they can be quite pleasing to the middle. Best of all, there is no limit on what kind of materials y’all tin can apply to create them. Buy a raised bed kit at your local store, or build your own with sticks, physical blocks, forest and other materials.


Arlington Park Home and Garden Show