Copper and Garden Hose in Fire

Copper and Garden Hose in Fire

Colored Campfire Flames
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xzyHollyxyz on 07/09/10 05:04pm I just heard near this today. Has anyone every tried it? If so, was it a huge success?


How to Add Color to Campfires

Even though a relaxing campfire at the stop of a 24-hour interval in the forest is the perfect end to the day, y’all can spice information technology up past adding some colorful flames to a campfire. In that location are various products on the market that exercise the aforementioned thing, just y’all might be able to achieve the same effect with supplies in your shed and from the nearest hardware store.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things Yous’ll Demand:
Lengths of iii/4 inch copper pipe
Matching lengths of garden hose
Step 1
Cutting 3/4-inch copper pipe into 10-inch to i-foot segments. If you’re cutting it at home, use the proper equipment to cut pipe safely. If you don’t have whatever copper pipe laying around in your garage or shed, most dwelling house improvement stores deport it in their plumbing section. Many stores will cutting information technology into the advisable length for you.

Step 2
Measure an sometime garden hose into pieces that are the same length equally the copper pipe and cut. The hose doesn’t accept to be loftier-quality, and it is okay if it leaks. Its purpose is to heat the pipage.

Step 3
Stuff the hose into the pipe.

Pace iv
Toss one piece of hose-stuffed pipe into a campfire and look a couple of minutes. Before long, you should be able to see unlike colored flames–blue, greenish and purple. The colors last for quite a while, just be sure to pull them off to the side and allow the piping to cool completely before handling information technology.

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Mike& Rose on 07/09/10 05:25pm We had some friends with their young children visit our army camp site and they purchased a stick that you put in the burn and it makes different colors. The campground store stocked them. Not sure what he paid for it, but it’s effects were just ok. I just kept wondering what chemicals were in the thing that I was breathing in when the smoke drifted my way. Crumble upwards the comic section from an one-time newspaper and information technology will produce some color when it burns due to the coloring in the ink.

See yous on the road!

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anninsd on 07/09/10 05:45pm DH and a agglomeration of our friends have made the copper pipe with old condom hose stuck in the pipe. It really is pretty to see all the colored flames. Once in a while you lot will have some ranger tell yous that you are poluting the air and inquire you to accept it out of the fire. This happened in Canada with us. We don’t find many campground that allow fires any more hither in the west.

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Jim Shoe on 07/09/10 05:50pm Y’all might desire to check stores that sell fireplace accessories. I think my parents ownership a bag of pine cones that had been soaked in various solutions that coated them with greenish, scarlet, blue, etc. crystals. They burned different colors and added the pino smell besides. That’s been many years ago. Probably illegal now, but worth a expect.

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Skip and Norine on 07/09/x 06:07pm We’ve been doing that for a twelvemonth or so now and the results can exist very surprising.

Hither’s what a few of our fires looked like……..




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rvluversnc93 on 07/09/10 06:25pm We have been doing information technology too Information technology makes a large fire really light up with the colors. I know it’southward probably bad for the polution but once in a while I like to see it.

Happy Camping ground !!

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janethornburg on 07/09/x 06:39pm As a former girlscout leader I tin can tell you lot that sugar or salt thrown in the burn makes colored flames too. I’k sure that copper and all those other things can brand colored flames, but the flames color is caused by the modify in the chemic elements equally they rut, which tin can or cannot be toxic and cause an unpeasant olfactory property. The salt and sugar is completely safe. If you lot add a petty glitter and phone call it fairy grit the kids are actually impressed.

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brirene on 07/09/10 06:42pm Yeah, I’ve seen that washed past some guys at a campground with a common firepit a few years ago. As evidenced by the pictures higher up, information technology works pretty well. I retrieve they drilled a few holes forth the length of the pipage to assist in air getting in to heat it more. Many years agone when camping as a kid, my cousin’s husband worked for the phone company. At that time they used the phone cables consisting of an outer casing with maybe 30 small copper wires with a rubber blanket within. I remember pulling strands out and throwing them into the fire producing multiple colors likewise. Probably a like reaction every bit this.

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nor-easter on 07/09/x 08:04pm Do your burn down before dark and put the piping and hose trick into the fire in the daylight and watch the filthy black smoke it makes.

And you could breath this in the dark crusade y’all don’t see it!

As a retired Fire fighter I accept swallowed enough smoke.
I don’t fifty-fifty like to walk in the evening anymore cause of some of the******people apply to start their camp fires and so they get them going and burn their daily garbage, one-time hoses and junk pipe!!!!!

I stay inside rather than go outside and mutter.

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mowermech on 07/09/10 08:27pm

anninsd wrote:

We don’t notice many campground that allow fires whatever more hither in the west.


In western California, perhaps. However, in THIS office of the Westward (all over Montana) nigh campgrounds have firepits at each site, and having a campfire is no problem. Of course, when the fire danger is very loftier, campfires may be strictly controlled or forbidden!
“here in the due west” covers a LOT of territory.

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campinginthewoods on 07/09/10 10:06pm Hullo Try here colored campfiresor endeavour and find this 1 equally I have and it works well And I institute these in one of the campstores Rainbow flame stick

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More To Run across on 07/09/10 05:54pm Since you are not supposed to drink out of a standard gardening hose, I wonder if it’s ok to inhale the chemical fumes from it?

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firecapt1 on 07/11/10 12:34am Here is a source for a product that will requite you the colored flames without all the called-for safety, copper, etc.

Crystal Fire Cones & Sticks

Sure sounds a lot amend than burning toxic materials to produce colored flames![emoticon]

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Deb and Ed M on 07/x/10 08:25am

mikhen wrote:

Don’t cook over those flames.
Not sure what the condom hose does. Copper lonely burns in dissimilar colors. Being an electrician, I cut footling pieces of wire and throw them in the fire.

Thanks for that tip – because burning a prophylactic hose strikes me as a bad matter to practice?

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neb h on 07/ten/10 08:36am Copper is toxic. The question is how much copper would we ingest past animate the fume, and how much does information technology accept to be harmful.

NOTE: Any incorrect spelling is intentional to prevent those annoying popups.

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nib h on 07/09/10 10:42pm My dad used to become the hot copper color by soaking strips of newspaper in a solution of copper sulfate, rolling them upwardly tightly and bind them with baling wire. When dry, they make a nice color add-on to the burn.
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firecapt1 on 07/x/10 12:36am I sure hate to be the first person here to say this because I similar colored flames as much as the next guy, but, the fumes given off from these methods of colored flame production are very toxic.

Sitting effectually a bivouac where these things have been applied exposes you to some very toxic fumes!! I know, I know, I seem like a wet blanket on a very absurd affair, but it’south important to realize what we are exposing ourselves to in the name of “good times.”

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mikhen on 07/10/10 06:26am Don’t cook over those flames.
Non sure what the rubber hose does. Copper lonely burns in different colors. Beingness an electrician, I cut niggling pieces of wire and throw them in the burn.

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VirtualGarage on 07/11/ten 01:33am Burning copper pipe/plastic hose reminds me when I was a kid a friend of mine used to break thermometers and so that he could play with the mercury inside. He kept it in his desk in a pencil box and passed it out to other kids who begged him for it–LOL.

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Copper and Garden Hose in Fire