First Class Funk Strain Kings Garden

First Class Funk Strain Kings Garden

Many strains have to go head to head with their peers to stand out above the rest, but the First Form Funk strain is undoubtedly in a class of its ain. Much like the truthful nature of funk music, this strain is unapologetically unique, boasting a distinctive season of spice-meets-gas with an unrivaled dominance. This relaxation-inducing hybrid strain is slightly indica ascendant, weighing in with a 60/40 ratio.

When Californian-based seed bank Compound Genetics originally bred Start Form Funk strain weed, they had ane thing in heed – potency. And they nailed it. This formidable offspring of GMO (aka GMO Cookies) and Jet Fuel Gelato, two heavy hitters with a reputation for the KO effects, isn’t i to play with. In this First Form Funk strain review, you’ll find why this ganja is building its own rep.

Commencement Class Funk
weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato
EFFECTS Euphoria, talkative, giggly, and arousal
FLAVORS World, fresh citrus, mint, grape
Adverse REACTIONS Cotton fiber rima oris, dry eyes,

and (extreme) munchies
MEDICAL Anxiety, paranoia, dizziness
FLOWERING Fourth dimension 10 weeks
THC CONTENT % 27%-33%
CBD % 0.43 – 0.59%
INDICA/SATIVA % 60%-forty%
OUTDOOR YIELD x – 15 Oz/plant
HEIGHT 30-60 Inches


A strain doesn’t earn the moniker of “First Class” for sheer potency alone. There are boxes to check to brand the form, and First Class Funk Strain measures up to its namesake. This institute satisfies on all fronts, from flavor to effects, and to add some rhythm to the groove, it’south also a pleasure for growers.

First Class Funk weed Strain review
Commencement Form Funk Strain

First Form Funk plants grow abundantly during the vegetative phase, resulting in considerably large colas and rewarding yields. With proper care and attention, you could boilerplate yields of 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² indoors and 10 – 15 Oz/plant outdoors. If at that place are any seeds you plan to go this season, let them be Starting time Class Funk strain seeds.

THC Content

The Kickoff Class Funk strain THC percentage could well autumn within the legendary status parameters; online sources merits it has a mind-extraordinary 27-33%. With levels that high, even hardcore cannabis veterans may find the effects of this strain overwhelming, especially if not consumed consciously. This found is more than than merely psychoactive; simply calling First Class Funk strain a weed strain would insult a herb of this stature.

Along with a high THC average, the First Class Funk hybrid strain contains relatively high amounts of Cannabigerol (CBG). Studies on the office of CBG in marijuana have increased in contempo years, though there’s even so a plethora of information to explore. Regardless, experts take confirmed the cannabinoid holds just as many benefits for the human body every bit CBD – if non more.


The excessive potency of this strain makes it an excellent pick for relaxed daytime tokes and early evenings with your feet up. First Grade funk strain effects come up on fast and difficult, lasting up to a few hours, calming your mind and trunk. The residual betwixt head high and body stone is similar having a pound of feathers in one manus and a pound of lead in the other.

First Class Funk cannabis strain
Kickoff Class Funk cannabis strain

Though First Class Funk strain is indica leaning, the caput high is enough to challenge any sativa strain. The intense cerebral furnishings send you into a euphoric wonderland where the but language they speak is joy. You lot’ll flow with creative energy and focus, and you may become more talkative, giggly, and angry. You could even feel somewhat energized – at first. This heightened state will fade as your trunk gives in to the warm indica cover, eventually sending yous into a pleasant sleep.

First Class Funk offers relief from ailments related to the gut (nausea, poor ambition, IBS), body (muscle spasms, arthritis, torso aches), and mind (depression, anxiety, stress), making information technology a favorite among smokers. Plus, the high levels of resin in this bud make it burn down slowly, allowing you to savor the flavor without the need to finish the joint in one sitting.

Growing First Class Funk strain requires proper technique. Download my Gratuitous marijuana grow bible and follow stride by footstep instructions to get the all-time yield.

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This strain’s aroma is thick, dank, and pungent, inheriting much of its diverse flavor from its parent strain, GMO. Its odour puts the funk in First Class Funk with a thick garlic/fuel overtone mixed with citrus and spice. Information technology may not be for everyone, just the refined fragrance stands apart in a world of fruity and dessert-flavored strains, blazing a trail of its own, even setting new standards.

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By now, y’all’ve got enough Starting time Class Funk strain info to know this one doesn’t do mild, a sentiment that holds when information technology comes to taste. Distinct tones of garlic and gas hit the taste buds starting time before blending in with world, fresh citrus, and a touch of mint on the exhale. You may too detect subtle sweet notes and a hint of grape.

You can credit the lemony citrus flavor to Limonene, the strain’s most dominant terpene. Much like its overall smell, the Kickoff Class Funk weed strain packs a flavour that’south unmissable, unmistakable, and hard to beat out.


Ascendant terpene Secondary terpenes Terpene flavors
Limonene T-Caryophyllene Pungent
Terpineol Pepper
B-Pinene Diesel

Negative Reactions

First Form Funk is an NSFW strain thanks to its high THC. The effects are blissfully relaxing just could lead to anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, and elevated centre rate for some. Experienced smokers should approach with circumspection, and newbies should avoid it entirely.

Commencement Class Funk hybrid strain pays homage to its indica and sativa roots in a large style. Information technology relaxes your torso until yous forget what discomfort is, potentially losing all functionality. Before you light upward, prepare snacks, drinks, and eye drops to counter the expected cotton wool mouth, dry optics, and (extreme) munchies. In one case the furnishings set in, yous may be too burrow-locked to do annihilation about information technology.

Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawyard Seeds

  • 80% indica 20% sativa
  • High THC levels upwardly to 25%
  • Fast flowering plant for quick results
  • Soothing mindful high

The sativa delivers a psychoactive accident, potentially causing heightened sensory perception and, in extreme cases, mild hallucinations. This transcendent cerebral state isn’t necessarily unenjoyable, simply information technology’s listed under this portion of the First Class Funk strain review considering it can be apropos if y’all’re unprepared. Commencement Class Funk creeps and then pounces, then pay attention to how much you swallow. Even as a seasoned smoker, if it’southward your first time using this strain, take it like shooting fish in a barrel.

Growing Get-go Course Funk weed

Funk music is bold, imposing, and aggressive, just like a First Class Funk strain grow. This strain produces tall, robust plants that thrive in warm, humid climates and can exist grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. Brand certain your setup can arrange the summit, which will be ii.5 – 5 ft indoors and over six.5 ft exterior.

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First Class Funk strain seeds produce thick leafage with massive colas of dense, sticky nuggets coated in a white layer of crystal trichomes. Techniques like topping, training, trimming, and pruning are worth incorporating into your routine to get the best out of your plant. Offset Class Funk strain grow info is similar to that of its parents, which is a bonus if you have experience growing GMO Cookies or Jet Fuel Gelato.

Growing First Class Funk outdoors
Growing Starting time Class Funk outdoors

Flowering Time

The flowering fourth dimension for First Class Funk strain may be slightly longer than near other strains on the marketplace, simply the await is worth it. In around 10 weeks, your plants should produce medium to large yields with fair growing difficulty. During flowering, plants achieve a summit of approximately thirty-60 inches indoors and well over 60 inches outdoors.

Genetics, Lineage, and Parents

Since the strain’southward inception, many growers have jumped on the bandwagon, meaning the Start Form Funk strain price may vary according to the cultivar on hand. Kings Garden Outset Class Funk is the most notable variation, though a version past LOWD is quickly gaining traction. The original cultivators will always be Compound Genetics, though. Ane could even say they had the “1st class funk strain”. Ignoring the obvious puns, this strain is well on its mode to being as renowned as its parent strains, GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato.

GMO (aka GMO Cookies) is an indica-heavy strain with a strong THC punch and a fragrance reminiscent of garlic, mushrooms, and onions (hence the name). Its parents are Daughter Lookout man Cookies and Chemdawg, and its THC ranges may exceed 25%. Combine that with Jet Fuel Gelato, and a monster is built-in. Jet Fuel Gelato, a hybrid strain with fresh fruit and spice flavors, invokes uplifting and relaxing effects. It’s a cantankerous betwixt High Octane and Jet Fuel, so information technology’southward got some Diesel strains in its lineage. Jet Fuel Gelato (aka Jetlato) rocks an average THC of around 22%.

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Does Showtime Grade Funk Take a Weak Odour?

No, quite the opposite. Get-go Class Funk strain has a pungency you won’t exist able to explain away to your
dominate, and so salvage the blaze for subsequently work.

Is First Class Funk a good strain to introduce someone to weed?

No. This strain comes with a notably high THC content that may be unsuitable for beginners. Just like learning to crawl before we can run, it’s safer to outset with a strain that has more manageable effects and then progress on to more strong strains as you become more comfortable. Hither are a few top picks for the best beginner strains.

First Class Funk Strain Kings Garden