Garage Sales in Garden City Ks

Garage Sales in Garden City Ks


Y’all’ve got metallic to recycle and coin to make, and the clock is ticking.  At F&F Iron & Metal and F&F Recycling of Garden City, nosotros’re meeting customer demands for convenience by providing an ATM on site to safely and accurately pay you lot.  Nosotros weigh the metal upwards co-ordinate to grades separately on electronic scales and computer kiosks, and print you a ticket when nosotros are finished.  You but bring the ticket into the role and requite it to the cashier, and get out with greenbacks in your pocket.  Terminate by and see just how quick and user-friendly we take made the procedure for you.  Current Kansas recycling laws apply.

Whether you’ve got a large industrial job, farmstead or feed lot total of scrap fe, or y’all’re merely dropping off a few numberless of aluminum cans, nosotros’re the recycling partner for y’all.  With a continuous thirty+ yr scrap grand operation purchasing all types of scrap metal from the general public and businesses at our Norton and Garden City, Kansas locations, our goal has always been to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers by providing outstanding service with experienced employees, honest weights, fair prices, prompt payments, and clean well-organized facilities.

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Nosotros are ever in the marketplace for: Steel, Cast Fe, Cars and Trucks, Appliances and Tin, Automotive and Industrial Engines, Copper, Brass, Radiators, Aluminum, Insulated wires, Electric motors, Copper Content Items, Stainless Steel, Lead, Atomic number 82 Acid Batteries, Zinc Die Bandage, Hi Temp Alloys, and much, much more.

Nosotros started pocket-sized and expanded over the years, always with a desire to better and perfect the process.  At F&F Iron & Metallic Co. of Norton and F&F Recycling of Garden Urban center, nosotros are constantly looking towards the future.  We are excited near the hereafter of recycling, making F&F Iron & Metallic and F&F Recycling the recycling partner of selection.

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3710 Due west. Jones Ave

Garden Urban center, KS 67846


Monday – Friday 8:00-12:00, one:00-four:00
Sabbatum viii:00-12:00


514 Due west Washington

Norton, KS 67654


Monday – Friday eight:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00

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In the tardily 1970’s Von Fahrenbruch dabbled with scrap iron and metals that were purchased at farm sales and from repair shops to earn extra income.  A fascination with “making a deal” was sparked, and the business slowly increased.  In the summer of 1982, Von and his begetter Don were able to charter a vacant holding in Norton, Kansas that allowed runway admission to load steel scrap, and F&F Atomic number 26 & Metal Co. came to be.

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F&F Fe & Metal Co. expanded into the Garden City expanse in the fall of 2004.  Over the years that location expanded with equipment investments and remodeled and synthetic buildings including our new xv,000 sq ft not-ferrous warehouse.  Kiel Fahrenbruch joined the family business organisation total fourth dimension in 2005 with general manager duties.

From a humble starting time to today’due south state of the art recycling facilities with the latest applied science to accurately pay our customers and bide with all applicative chip metal laws, we are positioned to provide responsible recycling services for many years to come.

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3710 W. Jones Ave

Garden Urban center, Ks 67846



514 West Washington

Norton, Ks 67654


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Garage Sales in Garden City Ks