Lovely scenery on a winter night

Garden of morning at-home (아침고요수목원) is one of the most fabled botanical gardens in Korea. It works all year and depending on the season, there are different kinds of festivals and specific exhibitions. Only actually, it does not matter what fourth dimension of the year are you going at that place, because the Garden of morning at-home has a spectacular view during all 4 seasons. And today I am going to present to you lot the garden in the winter season. And then, if you have not nonetheless been there and call up about where to go on a cold winter evening, then do not hesitate most taking a ride to this botanical garden!

How to get to Garden of morning calm

First of all, the Garden of forenoon calm is situated in the Gapyeong district at the
metro station. Merely 2 hours or even less from Seoul. Information technology is
Gyeongchun Line,but yous can buy a ticket on KTX/ITX from the Cheognyangni station. It volition cost 3800 won and accept around 35 minutes. Obviously, taking a subway is not complicated at all. On the contrary, information technology might be inconvenient to go from Cheongpyeong station to the garden itself. Provided that the garden is surrounded past mountains and located relatively far from the highway, the bus does not seem to go oftentimes. That is why, the only way is taking a taxi, which costs around 15,000 won.

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A little fleck virtually the history

The Garden of Morning Calm was opened on May 11, 1996, past professor San Kyung Han. And the name of the garden was originated from an Indian poem, where the writer called Korea “The land of morning at-home”. The main intention of establishing this individual garden was a desire of San Kyung Han to show the dazzler and uniqueness of Korean nature, oriental grace and spirit of the nation worldwide. An enormous number of dissimilar flowers and trees is organized and blent together in harmony. That attracts a lot of tourists to visit the garden annually.

Admission fees

Beneath I list of the entrance fee prices
for an individual:

  • Adult:
    9500 won
  • Youth:
    7000 won
  • Kid:
    6000 won
  • Adults for disbelieve:
    7500 won
  • Youth and kids for  discount:
    5000 won

I could recommend you to check the prices on Naver and book it at that place in accelerate, it might be cheaper.

In case you enter
with a grouping
(more than than 30 people), then you can become a weekdays discount and it will cost cheaper in 1000 won.

So we arrived at the garden around 5 pm and looked around for while earlier the Lighting Festival has started. Before entering the garden nosotros ate hotdogs and took some coffee straight in front of the entrance gates.

Lighting festival

The Lighting Festival (오색별빛정원전)
in The Garden of Morning At-home starts every December and ends around February-March. It is one of the biggest festivals in Korea, when more than 30,000 lights are illuminated.

As it starts darkening, the lights begin to plow on. Hither are some photos before festival started.

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Finally, when all the lights turned on, information technology was like truthful magic. Every single tree was decorated with lights. By the manner, all the lights used in the festival a LED, which is considered to be eco-friendly.

In that location were lots of paths and gates. But in the dark night, when everything effectually is dazzling and sparkling, I completely lost my mode and just followed my friends. It was hard to understand where are we and where should nosotros go.

So many photozones: flying umbrellas, winding trees, violet hearts.

Particularly, the identify I liked the most is where the church building was located.

It was an absolute phenomenon, nosotros felt similar the angels were flying around. In addition to the lighting, they turned on a beautiful melody, which completely gave the states the atmosphere of a dream.

Look at these tiny mushrooms! There are then ambrosial. Are gnomes living in that location?

The next breathtaking spot was a blueish sea with a boat.

Information technology really looked like the sea… in the infinite.

One more “princess” photozone.

The garden is huge! And afterward an 60 minutes of walking and taking photos, we started freezing and entered a cafe called Proficient Morning Coffee. Yous can have a hot coffee or tea, take a break, accept a talk, and then go further.

At present, after we warmed up, what practice you lot call up about cozy-looking Gingerbread house and a cute lighting bear?

In conclusion,

I will show the terminal and the about imperial photos.

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To sum up, nosotros experienced a marvelous atmosphere of being and living inside of a fairy tale. How groovy is it, turning back into childhood and outset believing in miracles? Overall, It was a lovely trip, which gave united states of america a wonderful Christmas mood. I would like everyone to go there once before Christmas. Just make certain to put on warm clothes and gear up hot java!


경기도 가평군 상면 수목원로 432

Festival Period:
December 9, 2019 ~ March 31, 2020

Operating hours:

  • Sunday-Friday: Sundown~9 pm
  • Saturday: Sundown~11 pm

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