House and Garden Coco a and B

House and Garden Coco a and B

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Product Description

Base Nutrient that’due south Formulated Specifically for Coco Coir House & Garden Coco A&B is a premium base nutrient, designed by the Dutch for use with plants grown in Coco. Containing all the main nutrients a plant needs when grown in this substrate you lot can be assured this is a top quality production designed by people who practise it best!

Specifically designed base of operations food for utilise with plants grown in Coco Designed and adult by a superlative Dutch manufacturer – House & Garden Highly versatile – Use for both the growth and blossom cycles of plant’due south development Perfect for use with the range of Firm & Garden additives and boosters Easy to use – no carve up abound and bloom formulations: utilise right the way through your abound Firm & Garden nutrients are highly recommended past many delighted customers

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1 x gear up of H&G Coco A&B (cull your size higher up)

How Coco A&B Works:

Firm & Garden Coco A&B is a base nutrient specifically for utilise with plants grown in Coco. House & Garden Coco A&B is complete plant food supplying all the bones nutrients required past plants for strong, healthy growth in both the vegetative and flowering stages of the plants development.

How to Use Coco A&B:

Fill your recirculating hydroponic system reservoir with water and add equal amounts of Firm & Garden Coco Part A and House & Garden Coco Office B to the tank to reach the required forcefulness and mix well. We recommend using a syringe or beaker for accurate measurement of this product and a CF/EC/PPM meter such equally the Bluelab Truncheon to bank check the TDS (nutrient force). Adapt as necessary. Next, add any additives and boosters you lot wish to use and again mix well. Adjust the pH of the solution to the required level using pH up or downwards as necessary. Nosotros recommend the use of a pH meter such equally the Horticare pH meter to help accurately set the pH to the required level. As with all nutrients, additives and pH adjustment products, avoid contact with skin and eyes and wear suitable protective clothing. Store at a temperature between 7C and 30C.

Both parts of a 2-part nutrient are designed to exist used together in equal amounts. Using just part A or part B, or using them in unequal amounts volition result in a nutrient solution which is not properly counterbalanced. This will almost certainly atomic number 82 to your plants suffering from deficiencies.

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As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their full-bodied form (i.e. direct out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir or feed h2o in turn, giving the solution a skilful stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Please ask a fellow member of staff for the recommended nutrient strength and pH range for the item type of plant that you wish to grow as unlike types of plant have unlike food strength requirements. The ideal nutrient forcefulness may also vary depending on the growth stage of the plant.

Business firm & Garden Coco is a premium quality product for growers that demand the best. You can be assured of fantabulous results when used in combination with the House & Garden range of additives and boosters.

House & Garden Coco Part A: NPK 4-0-3

Firm & Garden Coco Function B: NPK 1-3-7

Firm & Garden recommended E.C.: one.ii – ii.0

House & Garden recommended pH range: v.5 – six.2 with a pH of v.eight being optimal

Coco A&B five Litre House and Garden

House and Garden Coco A&B – 5 Litre

Coco A&B 10 Litre House and Garden

Business firm and Garden Coco A&B – ten Litre

Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

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House and Garden Coco a and B