How to Get a Hair Transplant Without Anyone Knowing

How to Get a Hair Transplant Without Anyone Knowing


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Hair loss is a natural office of life that tends to happen to about men as they historic period, yet some people can notice the process embarrassing. At Harley Street Hair Dispensary we are experts in FUE hair transplants. Something we get asked a lot is ‘can you take an FUE hair transplant without anyone knowing?’. So hither is everything you need to know about a FUE pilus transplant, including the aftercare.

What is a FUE hair transplant?

An FUE hair transplant is an effective handling for those who have male design baldness. During the procedure an experienced dr. takes donor hair follicles from either the back or the side of the caput and places them on the balding areas.

How does the treatment piece of work?

The treatment is not-invasive and non-surgical and so patients will remain fully conscious throughout the treatment. Firstly the donor area of the caput is anaesthetised; and a micro-surgical dial then isolates each individual pilus follicle from the donor surface area. The follicular units are then advisedly removed. The donor area will then heal within seven days.

The recipient surface area of the head will then be anaesthetised in one case all donor hair follicles needed are removed. With the utilize of a micro-surgical blade a small incision is created on the balding areas of the head, the donor hairs are then inserted into the incisions. As with the donor area, the recipient area volition heal within 7 days.  Over the adjacent vi months the hair will abound in the recipient areas.

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What is the aftercare like?

Information technology is very important to consider the mail service op aftercare; this tin get one of the most of import factors in your determination to have a hair transplant. At The Harley Street Hair Clinic we ensure all of our patents receive the best post operative instructions, this ensures our clients will go the best results from the treatment.

Afterwards your treatment y’all will be given medication and instructions on when and how to take them. You volition be given mild steroids to ease whatsoever swelling and antibiotics to fight any infection that could happen.

You will also receive special hair washing instructions as well as advice on what shampoo to use for the first two weeks after handling. This is to assistance speed up the healing process.

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure; yet y’all will experience redness in both the donor and recipient expanse which will final a few days, depending on the individual. There is usually no pain after the procedure but it is brash to avoid touching and sweating on your recipient area. With this in heed, y’all will not exist able to wear a lid to hide the redness during the commencement few days.

We advise patients to take it easy for the offset few days after their handling, which could require you taking some fourth dimension out of work. Getting a FUE hair transplant without anyone knowing is possible; however information technology would require you spending some time out of the public middle after your treatment.

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What should I consider before the treatment?

If you are having a hair transplant at that place nosotros provide you with the highest quality medical intendance, there are a strict gear up of instructions that are important for y’all to follow, these include;

  • fourteen days before your treatment exercise not take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medications, as they will increase bleeding.
  • 7 days earlier your treatment y’all should finish using Minoxidil (regaine, rogaine)
  • 7 days before your handling you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

A full list of pre treatment instructions will be given to y’all during your consultation, our skillful doctors can also inform you of annihilation specific to you.

If you are considering a hair transplant and have whatsoever questions please feel free to contact us for more than help.

Paige Marsh

How to Get a Hair Transplant Without Anyone Knowing