How to Get a High Performance Endorsement

How to Get a High Performance Endorsement

Though the term high-performance may atomic number 82 to mental images of stunning World War Two warbirds gleaming on the ramp, like thoroughbreds that look fast even when sitting notwithstanding, the term really covers a broad array of general aviation airplanes.

Whether flying for pleasance or for the sake of pursuing a professional career in aviation, the loftier-functioning endorsement can open the door to new aircraft and opportunities for pilots old and new.

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What Is a Loftier-Performance Endorsement?

The loftier-operation endorsement allows a pilot to human action as pilot in command (PIC) of an plane with an engine capable of producing over 200 horsepower. But put, this offers general aviation pilots the choice of heavier, faster, and mostly more capable models.

The training should cover the aerodynamic and workload aspects of the additional ability along with the potentially more than complicated shipping systems. The endorsement is not needed by rotorcraft pilots, regardless of the horsepower produced past their engine or engines.

How Does a Loftier-Performance Endorsement Work?

For a airplane pilot to receive the loftier-performance endorsement, he or she will have to complete both ground and flying educational activity from a certified flying instructor (CFI). At that place is no minimum level of pilot certificate or detail training time requirement, so the duration of training will depend on the proficiency of the student.

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The applicable regulation, known every bit 14 CFR 61.31(f), specifies the endorsement is required for airplanes with an engine of more than 200 horsepower. Some very similar shipping may or may not require an endorsement depending on the engine installed.

Examples would include Mooney’s M20J at 200 horsepower which would not, simply the externally identical 210-horsepower M20K would. A similar modern situation is found in American Champion’s Decathlon series, which is bachelor with diverse engines, ranging in horsepower between 180 and 210.

Also, because the regulation specifies “an” engine, twin engine aircraft can have a combined full of over 200 horsepower, such as Piper’s workhorse Seminole trainer, which at 180 horsepower per engine falls under the limit.

Four Steps for How to Earn a High-Performance Endorsement

The high-performance endorsement should be a fun and relatively quick add-on for a practiced pilot.

Pace 1: Footing Training

Ground training volition embrace the systems of the shipping being used along with the operational aspects of the higher power shipping. High-operation aircraft may characteristic more than complicated systems, especially with regard to the fuel organisation and engine installation. Additionally, the ground preparation should lay out a plan for what to await during the flying preparation.

Pace 2: Flight Grooming

During flight training, y’all volition accept to demonstrate the safe and expert operation of the aircraft and its systems. The FAA does not specify certain maneuvers to be achieved only a skillful CFI will ensure that the student tin can competently manage the aircraft in both normal and abnormal situations.

Every bit mentioned above, the elapsing of training will heavily depend on your proficiency and information technology’s e’er better to plan for a picayune extra time and be pleasantly surprised if you lot’re finished earlier.

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Step 3: Logbook Endorsement

Once you’ve demonstrated sound ground knowledge and safe in-flight proficiency, your teacher volition result the advisable logbook endorsement. Though the endorsement will specify the aircraft make and model you completed the preparation in, information technology is applicable for all high-operation aircraft going forward and does not expire.

Exceptions to Earning a High-Performance Aircraft Endorsement

In that location are a few situations detailed in 61.31(f)(2) in which you exercise not take to have the explicit endorsement itself and the benefits are still conferred upon you. If yous logged pilot in command fourth dimension while operating a high-performance airplane, a representative simulator, or a flying-training device prior to August four, 1997, then endorsement is non required.

Alternatively, if you lot are hired by a Part 135 commercial operator and consummate a PIC proficiency bank check under 135.293 in a loftier-performance airplane, you will have satisfied the requirements for the training. Equally such, no endorsement will be required.

Should Y’all Get a High-Operation Endorsement?

A high-performance endorsement is a recommended improver to any recreational or aspiring professional person pilot’s logbook and resume. As described in this article, information technology may be necessary for many operations.

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What qualifies as a high-functioning aircraft?

Any airplane with an engine producing over 200 horsepower regardless of airplane form, total horsepower (in the case of multi-engine airplanes), or whether the engine was factory original or modified/replaced by supplemental type certificate (STC).

How many hours to get your high-performance endorsement?

Depending on your proficiency it could take as piffling as i to over 10 hours of flight training, though two-four hours is mutual. Many pilots combine the high-functioning and complex endorsements since many aircraft check both boxes. If you’re feeling particularly wild, you tin can even combine the high-performance with an upset recovery course in an aerobatic airplane.

How to Get a High Performance Endorsement