BHF 5: Getting Affairs in Lodge

[EDIT: I’ve noticed a fleck of traffic coming to this post and I’one thousand guessing it’s more because you just got a popup that your sim is “getting their diplomacy in order” and are wondering what to do. Basically that’s the sign that your sim has a day or so before the Grim could go far. Sometime it’due south right abroad – other times they may take a week or more than before the Grim appears. The more than fit your sim is, the longer lived they’ll be. If yous weren’t wondering that…please bask this last post of my pre-story or any other Sims story on this blog. ~Raerei, June 2015]

“Ashley’south life is coming to an stop, it’s time to get his affairs in guild.”

The House

Information technology’due south time to brand some decisions! Generation one volition exist coming to a close soon and then I’yard starting thinking about how to go on this little not-story.

Dorsum in the main house, it wasn’t less chaotic with Roger gone, simply I’yard getting warnings that my sims are growing old. Everyone but Shannon make information technology to level 3 of their aspiration (Shannon is still contingent on his children making achievements). Then Shannon got a youth potion, and a few more weeks for the children to reach adulthood and abound up. Perchance I’ll run into what retirement looks like in Sims4. Will he get a pension?

Ashley finished his rocket send and fabricated some trips to space bringing him to level iv for his nerd aspiration. Elizabeth will have a much better chance of making this goal every bit she got to start sooner. But Ashley’s spending his free fourth dimension reading books, playing chess, and dabbling at the few remaining requirement to get him to a level 10 spy. He’due south besides repairing the sinks that seem to break every two days.

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Pat finally practiced enough pianoforte to get a promotion, although I’m having trouble figuring out how to practice the music licensing. She licensed one guitar song and then far but it doesn’t make much and I can united nations-license it and pick a different i. Maybe I’ll try music again with one of the bully-grandkids, but so far it’south my least favorite career/aspiration, just I’m not really feeling this ane.

Robin is pretty consistently winning bronze and silver in the novice game tournaments which means she’southward finally only nigh chiliad away from making 2000 in winnings. If she has enough time, she may hit that 2k from sheer drudgery before she passes on. I recommend starting the tournaments the moment they are available!

Robin's Room

Shannon is now the youngest of the bunch and the only flaw I currently see in my programme for him is that you tin can’t mentor a sim in Cooking. And he’southward only maxed Cooking and Gourmet Cooking (and soon Mixology). Somehow he has magically mentored one kid, just I’m not sure when or how or what skill that was. And so I keep getting him to collaborate with the kids in hope that I can read that goal of 10 times mentoring.

Elizabeth and Edward blow out their candles

Elizabeth and Edward had their young adult birthday bashes and each took upward their respected careers. Elizabeth will go for Astronaut and Edward to Cloak-and-dagger Agent. I’g already starting to promise the first DLC comes just for some new career options! (Or non-DLC information technology’s coming in Dec!) What Edward wouldn’t give to be an athlete instead! Edward immediately headed to the gym to chat up girls and I recall he’s identified his time to come wife. I wish Elizabeth could meet coworkers or something, just I’ll take to work on her dearest life as well. Perhaps with a library visit although at that place are some more townies running by the house now. For a while there was no one new at all.

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Brennen is still not renamed to Brian. He was my only child to max out a skill (social) during babyhood. I read somewhere that it helps brand the starting time levels of the adult skills become by fast. So I’ll take to see how fast he levels upward his charisma. At little more transparency for how child skills map onto adult skills would assist us greatly. I gave him a barista task since that feels thematically social even if it’s a mixology task. I had a hoot the other 24-hour interval when I was playing Roger and Cleo and Brennen showed up at their door and hung around talking to them and listening to little Tabitha’south stories. It was like he had to get out of the big business firm and wanted to visit his blood brother.

And so we had a semi-expected visit.