How to Get Annual Skate Destiny 2

How to Get Annual Skate Destiny 2

Flavor 15 of Destiny 2 brings a ton of new and reissued weapons into the mix.

Season of the Lost in Destiny 2 kicked off on 24th August, bringing a ton of new content, a fresh season pass for players to grind, and the long-awaited crossplay functionality. As always, weapons were a huge part of Bungie’s content drib.

Every bit the final flavour earlier The Witch Queen, Season of the Lost has a lot to live up to, with Bungie making sure that Guardians receive heady new tools of destruction to make the expect become past easier.

All in all, there’due south a total of 25 new and reissued (weapons from prior seasons brought back to the loot pool) guns that have fabricated their way into the game, including the first Legendary Stasis weapons, which as of right now, occupies the kinetic slot.

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With all that beingness said, let’s accept a look at all the new Season of the Lost Destiny two weapons and how to become them.


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Destiny 2 Season of the Lost weapons – How to get

Offset upward, let’s look at our get-go new exotic gun.

Lorentz Driver – Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

destiny 2 season of the lost exotic
This new exotic Linear Fusion Rifle packs a punch. (Moving-picture show: Bungie)
  • How to go: obtainable via the season pass at level 1 (premium) or level 35 (gratuitous track).

Legendary Stasis weapons

Every bit mentioned, this flavor marks the debut of Stasis Legendary guns in Destiny ii. Despite doing elemental harm, Bungie has decided to place them in the kinetic slot, meaning players tin can now potentially build a loadout with three elemental weapons equipped.

These are all the debutant Stasis guns.

Vulpecula – Hand Cannon

vulpecula hand cannon
The beginning ever Stasis Paw Cannon. (Picture: Bungie)
  • How to get: the first ane will drop when you finish the Tracing the Stars quest, then, all Season of the Lost ritual playlists volition have it every bit a random drib.

Fractethyst – Shotgun

Shotgun destiny 2
A slick-looking Shotgun if nosotros do say then ourselves. (Picture: Bungie)
  • How to get: Reach level 30 in the flavor pass (free runway).

Peacebond – Sidearm

peacebond destiny 2
A new Stasis sidearm arrives in Season 15. (Movie: Bungie)
  • How to become: available through Iron Banner vendor packages, bounties, match rewards, and the Seasonal Iron Banner quest.

Reed’southward Regret – Linear Fusion Burglarize

reeds regret
This Stasis weapon will feature an Expert version. (Motion picture: Bungie)
  • How to get: obtainable via Trials of Osiris. An Adept version is also available.

Flavor of the Lost Season Laissez passer weapons

The season pass volition non just characteristic the Lorentz Driver and Fractethyst, but a third weapon as well.

Chrysura Melo – Auto Rifle

destiny 2 season pass weapons
Three weapons will be bachelor via the season pass. (Flick: Bungie)
  • How to become: Reach level 45 on the flavor pass.

Flavour of the Lost Ritual Playlist weapons

season of the lost ritual weapons
Which one are y’all near excited for? (Picture: Bungie)

Alongside Vulpecula, a fresh batch of weapons will populate Flavor xv’s Ritual playlists, which encompass the new season activeness. They tin also drop from the weekly seasonal mission.

  • Wolftone Draw – Combat Bow
  • Iota Draconis – Fusion Burglarize
  • Canis Major – Grenade Launcher

Season of the Lost Iron Imprint weapons

Peacebond isn’t the simply new Fe Imprint weapon that volition debut with Flavor 15.

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Forge’s Pledge – Pulse Rifle

pulse rifle destiny 2
Lord Saladin comes bearing gifts. (Picture: Bungie)
  • How to get: available through vendor packages, bounties, lucifer rewards, and the Seasonal Iron Banner quest.

Season of the Lost Ritual weapon

The way seasonal ritual weapons work has inverse, making it easier for Guardians to grind for them doing activities they like. Merely progress through the ranks of Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlists and you’ll eventually unlock them.

Clout – Rocket Launcher

ascendancy rocket launcher
Getting this rocket launcher is easy. (Film: Bungie)
  • How to get: obtain rank 16 on either Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlists.

Season of the Lost Playlist weapons

playlists weapons DESTINY 2
Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit accept as well gotten updated. (Picture: Bungie)

Equally always, the Vanguard (Strikes), Crucible, and Gambit playlists have been updated with iii new guns. These tin only exist obtained via these modes and will characteristic a sleuth of random perks.

These are:

  • Servant Leader – Scout Rifle
  • Sorrow’s Verse – Machine Rifle
  • Punching Out – Sidearm

Flavor of the Lost Prophecy Dungeon weapons

propechy dungeon weapons
I of the best pieces of content in Destiny 2 is getting a weapon refresh. (Motion-picture show: Bungie)

The Prophecy Dungeon continues to be one of Destiny 2’s most fun PvE pieces of content and is set up to become even greater with new weapons added to the pool.

They have been upgraded with random rolls, though exist aware, some will only drop from specific encounters within the Dungeon.

  • The Last Breath – Auto Rifle
  • Sentence – Manus Cannon
  • Darkest Before – Pulse Burglarize
  • A Sudden Death – Shotgun
  • A Swift Verdict – Sidearm
  • The Long Walk – Sniper Rifle

Season of the Lost Season Nightfall weapons

Nightfall weapons are on a weekly rotation, with two existence added into the mix for Season of the Lost. Remember, the harder the Nightfall difficulty is, the more chances for information technology to drop.

  • The Comedian – Shotgun
  • The Hothead – Rocket Launcher

Adept versions of these guns are available subsequently completing Grandmaster Nightfalls.

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Season of the Lost World Drops weapons

world drops destiny 2
These volition be the well-nigh common drops you’ll discover. (Picture: Bungie)

On pinnacle of all the guns mentioned, these weapons can exist found by simply roaming around, doing bounties, completing world activities, and anything not tied to specific content.

  • Scathelocke – Auto Rifle
  • Legal Action II – Pulse Burglarize
  • Spoiler Alert – Sidearm
  • Shepherd’s Watch – Sniper Burglarize
  • Annual Skate – Hand Cannon
  • Contingency Programme – Scout Burglarize

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How to Get Annual Skate Destiny 2