The Best Modifications to Increase Chevy Silverado Fuel Efficiency

How to

Increase Chevy Silverado Fuel Efficiency

If you’re wondering
how to improve a truck’s gas mileage, you’re non alone. Afterward all, that’s ane of the biggest downfalls of owning a truck – nigh of them aren’t super friendly on your bank account when it comes time to fill up it up. In a style, that’due south unfortunately kind of the price of admission. If you lot want the benefits of a big truck (e.thou., towing, clearance, power), yous need to alive with bad
truck gas mileage. While modern
fuel-efficient trucks
are getting better in this area, there are some ways to
increase Chevy Silverado fuel efficiency, even in an older model. These would apply to most other truck brands and cars likewise. In the video below by
Lonestar Hawaiian, you tin can come across how he tackles this problem with his 2007
Chevy Silverado. Check it out below.

How You lot Tin Easily

Increment Chevy Silverado Fuel Efficiency

There are a few ways yous can tackle this problem. None of them will exist miraculous and double your
truck’south miles per gallon
or anything, but if you use them in combination, y’all tin become a noticeable difference for your Chevy. And when you use a truck on a daily basis, information technology’southward all about the small gains hither and there and then you can make a long-term deviation.

  • Basic Maintenance
    – one of the easiest things you lot can do to

    increase Chevy Silverado fuel efficiency

    is to just maintain your truck well. When you proceed up with basic maintenance (i.e., changing the fluids on a regular basis, keeping your tires properly inflated, keeping air filters clean, etc.), your truck is able to perform more than efficiently.

  • Common cold Air Intake

    – swapping out your stock air filter with a

    Silverado cold air intake

    organization will definitely make a noticeable difference to your

    truck’due south gas mileage
    . This system pumps a college volume of cooler air into your engine, which increases the oxygen content and produces a cleaner, more efficient combustion cycle. In the video above, y’all saw that Lonestar Hawaiian was

    installing a cold air intake

    on his 2007 Chevy Silverado, with the primary goal of

    increasing miles per gallon
    . With his 2020 Trail Boss, which he already updated with a cold air intake, he noticed a pretty pregnant increase in fuel efficiency (16.5 to 21 mpg). I of the benefits of our intake system is that you go a clear, plexiglass window to monitor how dirty the air filter is and see when it needs to exist changed.
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  • Reduce Drag
    – most people don’t realize how much drag an boilerplate pickup truck creates when it moves down the road. This friction with the air slows the truck down and makes it work harder. Past simply installing a tonneau cover over your truck bed, y’all can really reduce the elevate on your truck, which volition assistance you eke out some more miles per gallon. Plus, information technology keeps your gear secure and dry, and then why wouldn’t you want one anyway?

  • Engine Developer/Tuner
    – you tin use an engine tuner or developer on many modern vehicles, including 5.3 or vi.2L Chevy Silverado’south. Essentially, this little plug-in car can help y’all dial in how y’all desire your engine to run to

    increase Chevy Silverado fuel efficiency

    or ability.

  • Tedious Down
    – aye, it’due south obvious and probably a little annoying to hear, but it’s true. When y’all hitting the gas to hear that beautiful engine roar (peculiarly after a cold air intake or aftermarket exhaust system), you’re consuming a lot more than gas than if you only reasonably advance. If you want to come across a boost to your fuel efficiency, then accept it like shooting fish in a barrel – you’re probably non on a race runway. If you are, well…then allow her rip.