How to Get Closer to God Spiritually Pdf

How to Get Closer to God Spiritually Pdf

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Detect out how to grow spiritually and strengthen your human relationship with God when you’re going through a spiritual dry spell. This is an exact method for getting closer to God when life is hard.

You may wonder, “How I can I get closer to Jesus?” and it feels overwhelming. You desire spiritual growth, but when struggles arise, information technology’s difficult to know how to connect with God. Agreement how to study the bible and pray finer will assist you on your journeying toward spiritual maturity.

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How to Go Closer to God When Life Feels Hard

We’ve all been there –  a season of life where yous only don’t feel as close to God as yous used to. I’ve been dealing with this recently. Stress, busyness, and the difficulties of life can sometimes cloud our vision and make us feel spiritually weak.

Throughout my life, I’ve often heard people say, “It’due south easy to reach out to God when life is tough. The difficulty is staying close to Him when everything is going swell.” Peradventure I’grand an oddity, only the opposite has been truthful for me.

When things in my life are rosy and going well, I actually experience closer to God.
I find praise and worship easier and more than heart-felt. Tranquility prayer and study times feel more meaningful. It’s almost like I tin can feel God property my paw, and spiritual growth comes naturally. (If you need encouragement reaching your spiritual growth goals, run across the video below from my boys about never giving up!)

In contrast, when I’k facing a personal stress or trial, God feels further away (even though He’s not).
I take to consciously piece of work at being grateful and focusing on Him in the midst of life’due south storms. Report and prayer is a must, but harder for me to accomplish.

How do you lot develop spiritual growth?

For a long fourth dimension, I idea feeling far from God was just how it had to be during hard times. Most days, I felt similar I didn’t know how to grow spiritually. I often found myself praying, “God, please help me! I want to be close to You, only I’k just not feeling the way I should!”

Perchance it’s the opposite for you. Perchance yous find it piece of cake to cling tightly to God when you lot’re facing difficulties, but more than challenging to focus on Him when things are piece of cake.

Spiritual growth is different for everyone. Regardless of your experience, there is a fashion to get closer to God and achieve spiritual growth – fifty-fifty if you don’t feel like it.

Getting closer to God doesn’t accept to be difficult, but it does take endeavor and want on your part.

Recently, in a telephone conversation with my sister, I was discussing this phenomenon and some spiritual questions I’k currently facing about how to connect with God. After mentioning the lack of closeness to God in my life, she wisely replied,
“The more you tin can get Him in your head, the more you will feel Him in your center.”


This response sparked a new resolve and desire in me to work at my relationship with God over again and take the adjacent footstep toward spiritual maturity. It’south true – when nosotros don’t experience close to God, guess who moved? (Hint: It’southward not Him!)

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Yes, getting closer to God might feel more challenging during detail life circumstances and seasons. Only it’southward never out of our achieve.
After implementing the steps below, I am feeling that sense of closeness and oneness with God once more that I used to feel in years gone by.
Allow me to share with yous how to grow spiritually when you’re struggling.

how to abound spiritually bible verses

How to Abound Spiritually (iv Keys to Spiritual Growth)

If you’re wondering “What are the keys to spiritual growth?” you lot’re in the right place. Below y’all’ll find the best tips for how to grow spiritually in an intentional way, along with examples of spiritual growth even when you’re non feeling specially spiritual. Grab a cup of tea and allow’s dive in.

1. Prayer periodical for spiritual growth.

Prayer spiritual growth journals with multicolored pencils.

Maybe you don’t have this particular trouble, but I get distracted during prayer time. My mind simply wanders. I start talking to God about something, then think of how information technology relates to another issue, and before you know it I’k off in la-la land thinking nearly the fact that the laundry needs doing, or wondering what the weekend holds.

Ever since I was a pre-teen, the respond for this claiming for me is prayer journaling. This practice has helped me immensely.

Writing downward prayers helps go along you focused on what you are doing and helps yous stay on course. For me, it is the key for getting closer to God through prayer.

Writing also helps you lot find new things almost yourself and to organize your thoughts. Additionally, it reveals deep spiritual insights and settles/calms the heart.

Plus, reading over these journals in years to come is a huge encouragement. Your prayer journals transform into valuable mementos displaying God’s faithfulness and answered prayers in your life.

The past few years I’ve transitioned from writing prayers on paper to writing them in my iPhone notes. However, I found that typing on my phone was more cumbersome and made me less likely to follow through. Then I prefer to utilise a physical periodical or notebook. But do whatever works for you lot.

Get the total run-down on prayer journaling in my mail service The Ultimate Guide to Prayer Journaling.

If you want some prayer prompts to help y’all go started with prayer journaling, make sure to grab the “Attend Your Spirit” prayer and study guide below.

Basically, when it comes to prayer, nothing is off-limits. Tell Him everything. Just make sure you besides include thanksgiving and praise in your prayers.
Sometimes it’due south easy to hyper-focus on your bug in prayer and forget to thank Him as well.

2. Brainstorm questions for spiritual growth.

Sometimes, we don’t feel close to God because nosotros have unanswered questions about Him. We may be struggling with our religion or struggling to believe a certain aspect of God’s nature, and this causes us to keep God at arm’due south length, preventing the states from learning nigh His true nature.

Of course, in that location is nothing wrong with having doubts and questions. Many men and women in the Bible questioned God, such as Job – “Only I would speak to the Almighty,

and I desire to argue my case with God” (Job xiii:iii)

The problem arises when you let those questions to become unanswered and those doubts to fester.
That’s when Satan has an opportunity to lie to yous and makes you doubt God.

The key is to face your giants and place your spiritual questions and struggles.  Spend a few minutes in a brainstorming session:

  • Write down annihilation in your life that is discouraging you spiritually.
  • What questions do you lot have about God that have not been answered?
  • Are you currently experiencing any doubts in your organized religion?
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Now, y’all are going to utilize the answers to these questions to dive into the next point.

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3. In-depth bible study for spiritual growth.

Red and black leather bible next to a red blanket

Side by side, using your answers from the brainstorming session, let’southward create a specific Bible report plan tailored to your needs. Getting closer to God through Bible written report is an important goal if you want to grow spiritually.

You may have been told many times to “study your Bible,” but got overwhelmed considering no 1 has ever taught you how. And so, I am going to teach you a elementary structure that has helped me.

For each topic/incertitude/question yous wrote downward, practice a Bible search related to it. You can utilize websites such every bit Bible Gateway to search for a specific word(s) or bible study topics. Another idea is to look upward specific words in the dorsum of your Bible (the concordance) and read each passage that mentions your topic, give-and-take, or a like discussion.

You lot can fifty-fifty type questions into Google and come across what Bible passages pop upward. Try the query, “What does the Bible say about — (insert your topic here)?”

The adjacent stride is the KEY to gaining an agreement of your questions.
Rather than just apace reading a specific verse that addresses your event, (or just accepting whatever reply Google gives you – even worse) read the entire chapter.

Ideally, read the chapter before information technology and
the chapter subsequently it equally well, to get the context and full meaning of what you lot are reading. This do will help yous more than anything else in your quest of knowing God and growing spiritually.

Here’southward an example of what I am doing correct now. I wanted to exercise an in-depth study of the topic of suffering. So, my aim is to research every verse that has the word suffering in information technology, write it downwardly, and read the entire affiliate it is contained in (sometimes more).

The other day, I found a poesy in Philippians nearly suffering, and concluded upwardly studying the entire book that calendar week. At the end of the week, I realized that suffering is the theme of the entire book of Philippians, something I had non realized before! It enriched my Bible knowledge greatly.

Before I started studying this way, I was working through 1 of those “read the Bible in a year” programs (which take their place). Simply I did not feel like I was growing spiritually because I was just reading chapters to check off a list – non truly absorbing and applying the Scriptures.

While you are reading your designated chapter, every few verses, jot down something you learned.
Sometimes I will try to summarize what I have read to stay on track. Other times I volition jot downwardly an idea that really jumps out at me. Writing notes every bit I read really helps me to gain a deeper agreement of the text and is a great asset.

After reading, write down the overall concepts you learned virtually your item topic. Y’all might be surprised at what you lot find!

For case, afterwards reading Romans eight the other day, I discovered 4 promises nearly suffering and the Christian:

  • Suffering volition be more than worth it (5. eighteen)
  • The Spirit talks to God well-nigh how we are feeling (five. 26)
  • Even the bad will work together for good – there is a purpose for suffering (v. 28)
  • Nothing (no suffering) can split united states from God’due south love (v. 38-39)

This study encouraged me so much and helped me encounter things from God’s perspective!

Using this method has really helped me autumn in love with the Scriptures and gain confidence in His Word.
I bet you tin come up with tons of written report ideas from your begin session that will brand you a stronger Christian and help yous learn how to abound spiritually.

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4. Additional reading for spiritual growth.

Afterward my prayer and study session, I also like to read a devotional or theological book related to the topic I am studying.
Reading a complementary book helps me think of ideas or concepts I may not have thought of before, or look at them from a unlike perspective.

Since the author has obviously studied that specific topic extensively, information technology helps me grasp the concepts on a deeper level.

A word of caution:
since these authors are evidently non God, mistakes and false teachings happen. Fact-check as you read to make sure what you are learning agrees with God’s Give-and-take.

Correct now I’m reading Timothy Keller’s “Walking with God through Pain and Suffering.” It has been thought-provoking and enlightening, and I highly recommend it.

Person holding a book on spiritual maturity entitled,

One of the key things I’ve learned so far is that the American culture is i of the worst in human history to equip its people to bargain with suffering. We are so focused on material appurtenances and pleasure/avoiding pain that we forget that suffering actually has benefits. Also, considering many in our culture lack a basic belief in God, information technology is difficult to find meaning in suffering.

Any topic you’re studying, I’chiliad certain yous’ll be able to find a plethora of books to help yous learn how to grow spiritually. Ask your local minister for recommendations, check Amazon reviews, or even ask friends on Facebook for resources.

For fifty-fifty more ideas on spiritual growth during hard life seasons, check out the mail “How to Make Fourth dimension for God” by Equipping Godly Women. She has some wonderful practical ideas!

Now, let’s sum upward what we’ve learned.

Keys to Spiritual Growth:

  • Journal your prayers
  • Identify your questions
  • Launch specific bible studies related to your questions
  • Read a complementary book for your bible study topic (optional)

After implementing these 4 tips, you will be well on your way to a closer human relationship with God, and yous won’t have to wonder how to get closer to God anymore.

However, getting closer to God is not a onetime thing. It’south a twenty-four hour period-in, twenty-four hour period-out journey of spiritual growth that requires consistency.
I find the times when I don’t feel similar doing my study and quiet times are the times when I actually need them most.

Practise you want to grow a deeper, more than genuine organized religion?

If and then, I know you’ll benefit from the “Woman After God” printable pack.It is the perfect resources for any adult female who is chasing God.

With twenty+ pages of resources, you lot’ll learn to written report the Bible effectively, answer deep burning spiritual questions, dive deep into the realm of prayer, and exist encouraged with inspirational Scripture fine art.

This printable pack includes the “What Should I Study?” guide, which holds your manus teaches y’all exactly how to create a study plan based on your questions. Also included is a real-life study example, and so you can lookout man the process unfold step-by-step.

It also includes prayer resources that will spark your communication with God and keep your dialogue going throughout the day.

If you e’er think,
“I want to grow closer to God, but I take no idea where to start,”
this printable pack will absolutely help.

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What about you? What are your best tips for how to grow spiritually with intention? I’d dear to hear your wisdom in the comments below.

With Joy,

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Find out how to grow spiritually when you're going through a spiritual dry spell - an exact method for getting closer to God when it's hard. These four concepts will help you gain spiritual growth and spiritual maturity, even in the midst of difficulty. Learn how to get closer to God, no matter where you are in life. #healthychristianhome #christian #spiritualgrowth #biblestudy #prayer #loveGod #Jesus

How to Get Closer to God Spiritually Pdf