How to Get Coins on Lively

How to Get Coins on Lively

Coin farming is a strategy used by many players in order to obtain more coins. Coins are used for various useful things throughout the game, like for Castle upgrades, buying new Islands, baking Treats, and buying Decorations. Later on a player has bought all upgrades and market items that cost coins, having a loftier coin production can still be useful for baking Treats or XP Farming.

It is recommended not to spend real life money (or Diamonds) to get more coins, as Diamonds volition quickly become much more of import (and express).

Beginning Methods

The best mode to get coins in the early game is to invest in many Quad Chemical element Monsters, and to put other Monsters in hotels if y’all need more than room. Quads are a smashing Monster to farm, since they are easy to obtain, but have a loftier coin generation. Although harder to obtain, Ethereal Monsters can make even more coins than Quads. You’ll also want to go on an center on limited-time Monster promotions, every bit you’ll want to phase out mutual Monsters for Rare and Epic ones. It’s also of import to annotation that based on your coin collection schedule, some Monsters may be more than or less effective. For instance, when collecting in one case per day, Reebro generates more coins than Riff, but when collecting twice per day Riff generates more.

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Note that on Fire and Magical Islands, Quad Element Monsters are the all-time money producers, and then no further advanced strategy is necessary likewise replacing common Monsters with Rare or Epic ones.

Selling Monsters

Coins tin besides be obtained fairly easily early-game by breeding and selling monsters. Natural quads tin can be sold for
112,500 each and Shugafam on Shugabush Island each sell for
525,000. Buying Bonus Breeding Structures and Bonus Nurseries also allows you lot to make double the corporeality of coins.

Additionally, Monsters with Costumes can exist obtained for free via breeding, increase a monster’s selling toll. For instance, a Noggin bred with its “Slideshow Intern” costume has its selling price increased from
255 to
18,975, and multiple Noggins can exist bred within the span of a minute, pregnant players tin can obtain a relatively large amount of coins speedily. This method works best with Noggin as it has the everyman incubation time of any monster.

Advanced Methods

The most efficient coin producers are Rare Wubbox and Werdos. Although Rare Wubbox is actually more efficient, due to its large size, after having 12
[citation needed]

Rare Wubbox, it is recommended to make full in the balance of your island with Werdos. For players who similar to make Island designs that are functional and pretty, information technology may be amend to limit your Rare Wubboxes fifty-fifty further to allow more space for other Monsters or Decorations.

These Monsters are so efficient due to their obscenely high coin production, combined with only taking upward one bed each. For reference, Ballsy Ghazt produces
142,272 (per bed) per 24-hour interval versus Rare Wubbox’s
648,000 or Tawkerr and Parlsona’southward
564,480. (Monsters at level 15.)

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Wublin Farming

Main article: Wublin Island Grid Planning#Maximzing Income

While nearly often used for Shard or Diamond Farming, Wublins are also great source of Coins. The most optimum Monsters to use are the Zynth and Thwok, as they are the smallest size (2×2), and so more can fit on the island. Due to Wublin Island non having a Castle, it is only limited by the isle’s physical space. Zynths are much easier to awaken than Thwoks, which is why virtually players will have Zynths and phone call Wublin Farms, “Zynth Farms”.

Coins are produced 31% of the time, and when collecting every 12 hours, Wublins volition generate
Coins million on boilerplate with 109 Wublins, (the maximum amount of Wublins that tin fit on Wublin Island.)

Dipster Farming

Dipsters are smashing for farming coins, as they only take up a 1×1 infinite, and are the only Monsters to not accept up any beds. Although Keys can be difficult to come up past, with a combination of farming techniques and buying Dipsters during sales that discount them to one fundamental, it can exist piece of cake to amass large amount in no time.

Other Tips

Make your Monsters happier. Monsters at 100% happiness will make twice the amount of coins per minute than those at 0%.

Leveling upwards your Monsters makes them earn Coins faster and increases the maximum number of Coins they tin agree, but each level requires a disproportionately higher amount of Treats, which cost ten times every bit many Coins to produce in the Bakery in the first identify.

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Instead of leveling upwards 1 Monster very high, level up 2 Monsters or more to a lower level.


Cost/do good for numbers of Entbrats
Entbrats Level Coins/minute Treats required Break-even afterward
1 twenty 332 10,705,860 ~224 days
2 9 344
(2 10 172)
(two 10 15,300)
~fourteen hours,
50 minutes
4 5 384
(iv 10 96)
(iv x 900)
~ane hour,
33 minutes

And then having 4 Entbrats at a lower level costs significantly less, and end up producing more Coins/minute than a single Entbrat at the highest level.

Methods to Avoid

Monster rarity does non always correlate with good money production. Monsters such equally Mythical Monsters, Shugabush (and Shugafam), and Epic Wubbox are difficult to obtain simply accept very poor coin production, and and then should not be pursued for farming. Besides annotation that although Wubbox has a good coin charge per unit, due to its high toll, it can accept months to years before making a turn a profit.


  • It was previously possible to buy Wubbox and decorations at a heavy discount during sales, and the sell them back after the sale for 75% of the regular price. This was patched out in July 2021.
  • Up to 22 Quad Element Monsters tin can be placed on an island without a Crystalline Castle. If the island has a fully upgraded Crystalline Castle, the cap raises to 45 Quad Element Monsters.

How to Get Coins on Lively