How to Get Faint Stigma Spirit Stone

How to Get Faint Stigma Spirit Stone

Absolab equips are important for helping you reach your terminate game equips. They are a fleck tedious to obtain only they are worth information technology equally they give your character a huge boost. This guide will tell yous about the prequests, the weeklies, the bosses, and when to stop upgrading these gears.

In social club to get Absolab gear you have to complete the prequests for Lotus and Damien, practice Scrapyard and Dark World Tree Weekly quests, and beat the Lotus and Damien boss.

When to get for Absolab Gear?

For the prequests and weeklies you desire to get started on them equally soon equally you can. This will be around
Lvl. 200+
after you get your starting time symbol.
If y’all are only doing the weeklies on 1 character it will accept y’all around 11 weeks
in gild to obtain plenty material. But, this can be shortened if you lot take
multiple characters that can do weeklies
since the material is
account tradeable
(placed in storage).

If you run on enough characters to get 140 Faint Stigma Coins and 120 Diffusion-Line Free energy Cadre (Grade A) you could be in a full Absolab set in 3 weeks.

When it comes to the dominate fight you’ll
desire to be effectually 230+, shut to max nodes, have all your bossing links, decent legion 4k+, IED 90%+, 18k stat+, and have done some practice fights in social club to acquire the mechanics. This is if you’re trying to
solo progress,

if you’re doing this with a party you do not demand well-nigh every bit much stuff. (it gets a lot laggier with more people so beware of that)

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These are not strict guidelines since every class is unlike and the best way to know what stage you are at is to endeavor the boss fight yourself and see how yous do. If you are trying to boss fight brand sure to have enough

(93 ish functional) so yous can hitting the boss.

Lotus and Damien Prequests

You need to be able to exercise these prequests in gild to take access to Lotus and Damien. The good thing is,
you simply need to do this once

and the bosses will be unlocked for your entire business relationship. The prequests are a playable storyline of
Black Heaven

Heroes of Maple. The content scales to your level and so you can starting time these prequests as presently as you are Lvl. 120.

Blackness Heaven
– three-4 hours

Heroes of Maple
– 25-xxx mins (only exercise chapter 4)

Both storylines are straightforward and yous can power through them easily. To get-go it, get to the
>>> Quick Move
icon and select the
Dimensional Mirror. Then choose
Ereve Conference Pavilion. From there you can go to the left side of the map where you see a bird with a gold symbol. Click information technology and you’ll exist able to choose which story to start. The club doesn’t matter and your progress is saved so you can have a break in between.

For Heroes of Maple you can just skip 1-three and select
affiliate Four.
Yous don’t have to get through the whole story unless you lot want to. Unfortunately Black Sky you take to do everything.

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Absolab Scrapyard and Dark World Tree Weeklies

You need to merchandise Absolab Coins/Stigma Coins in the shop to become Absolab Gear. To get these coins yous need both the fabric from the weekly and the drop from the boss. The materials tin can also drop from the monsters in that area but they have a very low drop rate.

Head to
Scrapyard: Heaven
and talk to
for quests needed in order to get
Diffusion-Line Energy Core (Course A). There are a full of
5 quests
and the 5th ane is
once you complete the iv he gives you. This will give y’all a full of
12 Diffusion-Line Energy Cadre (Grade A).
These are combined with the
drops for Absolab Coins.

Go to
Dark World Tree
and talk to
for the quests. There are
quests which will tell you lot to kill random monsters. One time you finish them all yous’ll get a total of
12 Faint Stigma Spirit Stones. These are combined with the
drops for
Stigma Coins.

Absolab and Stigma Coin Trade

Bosses tin drop anywhere from ane-four depending on driblet charge per unit and luck. The weeklies will give yous 12 of each rock.

ane Absolab Coin
Extraordinary Energy Core (Grade South) +
Improvidence-Line Free energy Cadre (Grade A)

ane Stigma Coin
Twisted Stigma Spirit Rock +
Faint Stigma Spirit Rock

Full needed for v fix down beneath.

Absolab Equipment Shop Guide

There are two unlike shops where you can trade in these coins. These shops have different equips in them and you merely want to get specific items in each.
Do not get
the Overall and the Chapeau.

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These are what you should buy in each shop,

Stigma Store (Dark World Tree : Deserted Camp)

Total: 7 Stigma coins

Absolab Money Shop (Scrapyard : Haven)

Full: 6 Absolab coins

If you want to go all
5 equips
this is the amount of each particular y’all’ll demand,

Name Paradigm Corporeality
Faint Stigma Spirit Stone 140
Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone 7
Diffusion-Line Energy Cadre (Grade A) 120
Extraordinary Energy Core (Grade S) half dozen

When To Cease Upgrading Absolab?

Y’all want to keep your Absolab Gear at 17 stars and effectually 2 line principal stat each (except Weapon, become attack). Don’t push button any farther on these equips since Arcane Umbra equipment is a lot easier to become present and y’all’ll exist moving into those. Y’all besides don’t desire to push Absolab likewise difficult since getting backups is pretty wearisome and abrasive.

Push button your CRA Hat, Elevation, and Bottom to 21/22 stars afterward all your equips are 17 stars. This is because you lot get so many backups and you lot won’t demand to safeguard. This is also the reason you don’t go for the Absolab hat. Once you lot reach this stage yous’ll be able to go into normal Lucid and Volition parties and get-go on your Cabalistic Umbra journey.

If you are trying to play this game completely solo and you don’t want to bring together parties yous should push the Absolab but, why non take reward of team play.

How to Get Faint Stigma Spirit Stone