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Destiny 2’southward
Witch Queen expansion introduced a new title for Guardians to earn. Gumshoe is a title tied to Savathun’southward Throne World and its associated activities. Consummate Primary campaign missions, Wellspring runs, and more to brand progress towards the Gumshoe title.

If you’re looking for a casual title that is more than focused on collectible hunts than skill, Gumshoe is right upwards your aisle. Collecting Moths, destroying Darkness Fragments, and crafting weapons will complete most of this championship’s Triumphs. Allow’s go over how to complete all Triumphs tied to Destiny 2’s Gumshoe title and give some tips on how to best complete them.

Throne Earth Collector

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Enclave Forge

Throne World Collector:

Complete the Throne World bluecoat.

Y’all’ll demand to obtain all 21 items from Savathun’s Throne World. Nearly of these weapons are obtained from Fynch or Throne World activities. All items tied to this bluecoat are listed below:

Proper name Detail Blazon Source
Star Jasmine Ship Complete the “Warden of the Spring” Triumph
Fundament Crush Ghost Crush Destroy all Darkness Rifts
Queen’s Colors Shader Reach Rank 24 with Fynch
Ruinous Clash Shader Complete the “All The Bound’s Riches” Triumph
A College Truth Keepsake The Witch Queen Campaign
Name Particular Blazon Source
Parasite Grenade Launcher Consummate “Of Queens and Worms”
Border of Concurrence | Intent | Edge Glaive Consummate “Report: REVERSE-LURE”
Empirical Show Sidearm The Witch Queen Campaign
Forensic Nightmare SMG Complete the “Master Investigator” Triumph
Pointed Research Scout Rifle Throne Earth
Probable Suspect Fusion Rifle Throne World
Carmine Herring Rocket Launcher Throne Earth
Fel Taradiddle Bow Wellspring
Come To Pass Motorcar Rifle Wellspring
Father’s Sins Sniper Rifle Wellspring
Tarnation Grenade Launcher Wellspring
Name Item Type Source
Veritas Helm Helmet Fynch
Veritas Artillery Artillery Fynch
Veritas Chest Breast Fynch
Veritas Boots Boots Fynch
Veritas Grade Item Course Item Fynch

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Master Of Truth

Destiny 2 The Last Chance Featured

Primary of Truth:

Complete whatever campaign mission on Master difficulty.

Later you complete the Witch Queen campaign, you’ll need to complete a few Bear witness Board quests to unlock the weekly campaign playlist in the Throne Earth. This playlist selects one of the Witch Queen’south campaign missions and lets you lot replay them on college difficulty settings, the highest of which being Master.

Primary campaign missions feature multiple Champions, Match Game, locked loadouts, and boosted modifiers. Matchmaking is disabled for Master difficulty, then consider getting a fireteam together before attempting this. It is possible to solo these missions with the right loadout and strategy. Check out our Witch Queen hub for in-depth walkthroughs on every campaign mission on Legendary and Principal difficulty.
Y’all simply need to consummate 1 Master mission for this Triumph.

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Buddy Up

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Hive Ghost

Buddy Up:

Merits all Rank rewards from Fynch.

Fynch is the planetary vendor tied to Savathun’southward Throne Earth. As you open up chests and complete activities in the Throne World, you’ll earn reputation with Fynch that eventually grants rank-up rewards. These rewards grant armor pieces, upgrade materials, and even unlock certain destination playlists.

Every bit for earning reputation with Fynch, your best method is to farm the Wellspring action. Consummate the Witch Queen entrada and cease a few Evidence Board quests to unlock this activeness. Master Wellspring grants the most progress, although it’s locked backside 1 of Fynch’s rank-up rewards and lacks matchmaking. If farming Wellspring gets slow, y’all can likewise farm planetary materials and chests to earn a small bit of reputation. Be sure you have the right Ghost mods equipped earlier doing this.

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Hardware Of The Throne

Destiny 2 Wellspring Activity

Hardware of the Throne:

Craft all Wellspring and Throne World weapons.

In that location are nine weapons tied to the Wellspring and Savathun’south Throne World that can be crafted. Each weapon becomes craftable upon using a certain number of Deepsight Resonant or ‘red box’ variants of that weapon type, usually five. For example, the Begetter’s Sins Sniper Rifle requires y’all to complete the Resonant objective of v Father’s Sins red box weapons. Once complete, you tin can head to The Enclave and craft one yourself.

Each weapon required for this Triumph can be plant below alongside their drop source.

Weapon Source
Empirical Evidence Throne Earth
Forensic Nightmare Throne Earth
Likely Suspect Throne World
Pointed Inquiry Throne World
Ruby Herring Throne World
Come to Pass Wellspring (Golmag)
Male parent’s Sins Wellspring (Zeerik)
Fel Taradiddle Wellspring (Bor’gong)
Tarnation Wellspring (Vezuul)

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Report: Opposite-LURE

Destiny 2 Exotic Glaives


Complete “Study: REVERSE-LURE.”

Study: Opposite-LURE is an Bear witness Board quest that unlocks after you complete the Witch Queen campaign and all other Bear witness Board quests. Completing this quest grants one of three class-exclusive Exotic Glaives. This quest has 11 steps, although some of them are simply speaking to NPCs or grabbing an item. Hither are the important steps:

  1. Place the Osmic Fragment in the Throne World
  2. Retrieve the Osmic Fragment from the Clear-cut Brood who stole it.
  3. Render to the Show Board.
  4. Arts and crafts the Exotic Glaive.

The quest itself is rather straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. The grindy office is the prerequisite of needing every other Prove Board quest completed. This requires you to earn quite a few Resonance weapons while getting acclimated with the Preservation and Wellspring activities. If y’all oasis’t played Wellspring since the expansion launched, Resonance weapon drop rates are much more generous now and have bad luck protection, so finishing this quest should no longer be locked backside RNG.

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Of Queens And Worms

Destiny 2 Parasite GL

Of Queens and Worms:

Complete the Exotic quest “Of Queens and Worms.”

Of Queens and Worms is unlocked upon completing The Witch Queen campaign. We’ll link to a more thorough quest guide in the futurity, only the quest itself is fairly straightforward. Hither’south what you’ll need to practise:

  1. Complete the Birthplace of the Vile strike.
  2. Collect a Cryptoglyph rune in the Temple of the Cunning.
  3. Defeat 100 Scorn inside the Throne World.
  4. Place the Worm in all three of the Throne World’s Lost Sectors, each Lost Sector having a unlike prerequisite objective

    1. Sepulcher Lost Sector – Defeat 100 Contemptuousness (previous objective).
    2. Metamorphosis – Locate the Cryptoglyph rune in the Queen’s Bailey.
    3. Extraction – Locate the Cryptoglyph in the Alluring Curtain.
  5. Complete the Parasitic Pilgrimage mission.

Nigh of the steps are simple fetch-quest objectives that ask yous to visit parts of the Throne World. The final mission, Parasitic Pilgrimage, is a remix of The Ghosts entrada mission—at least part of it. Consummate the mission to unlock the Parasite Grenade Launcher, finishing the quest.

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Destiny 2 Moth 10


Collect and mountain all unique Clear-cut Moths in the Throne World.

Savathun’s Throne World has ten hidden Clear-cut Moths you lot must detect for this Triumph. They carry similarly to the Europa Penguin collectibles and the Moon’s Jade Rabbits if you’ve done those collectible hunts. You can collect all ten Moths in one play session, meaning this Triumph won’t take very long to consummate. Check out our Lucent Moth guide for all ten Moth locations.

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No Peeking

Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Rift

No Peeking:

Close all Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.

The Throne World destination has ten Darkness Rifts you must destroy for this Triumph.
You must use the Parasite Grenade Launcher to interruption these rifts.
Damage yourself with Parasite, and you’ll be able to break the Darkness Rift while the Worm Byproduct buff is active.

Each Darkness Rift location tin exist found in our Darkness Rift guide.

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World Champions

Destiny 2 Champion

Earth Champions:

Defeat Champions in Throne World Lost Sectors on whatever difficulty.

You’ll need to defeat 50 Champions in Throne World Lost Sectors for this Triumph. Fortunately, that’s fairly easy to do since most Throne World Lost Sectors accept two or three Champions per run—even more if you’re playing on Primary. Nosotros recommend farming the Lost Sectors on Legendary since they have fewer modifiers and a more lenient Power requirement.

As for general Champion tips:

  • Barrier:
    Employ Duskfield Grenades to stunlock them. They’ll get frozen whenever they attempt to deploy a bulwark. We likewise recommend using Arbalest for non-Stasis users since it one-taps Barrier Champion shields.
  • Overload:
    Use Divinity or any Overload mods that work instantly. Overload SMG and Auto Rifle are too inconsistent to rely on.
  • Unstoppable:
    Leviathan’s Breath will decimate Unstoppable Champions starting in Flavor 17. For now, it works as a solid anti-Unstoppable weapon that doesn’t take upwardly your Kinetic or Free energy slots.

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