How to Get Kharmine Card Lost Ark

How to Get Kharmine Card Lost Ark

In that location are multiple Carte Sets in Lost Ark, and the game gives you limited resources to upgrade those sets; therefore, it is necessary to know which card set works best for you before you invest in them.

Key Highlights

  • Card Sets are used to enhance the stats of characters in Lost Ark.
  • There are plenty of card sets each of them used for a specific attribute upgradation.
  • Aforementioned-class cards must exist equipped to obtain the intended vitrify for a character.
  • You can equip 6 cards at a time and they are also interchangeable.
  • The more than cards equipped from the same set, the better and more effective will exist the outcome. For an example, a sure set up contains 3 cards and equipping them all will grant the most constructive event.
  • Y’all can obtain cards through card packs, by completing story missions and dungeons, and by completing daily and weekly missions.
  • They can be upgraded every bit well for 5 times at most. 1 needs Carte du jour XP and a duplicate carte du jour to upgrade a card.
  • Cards upgradation is a lengthy and complex procedure, still.
  • The best term for cards is a relative term. Ane should run across the benefits being offered past a certain card set up and and then choose accordingly.

The Best Card Sets In Lost Ark

In that location are 27 different menu sets in Lost Ark, and we consider these few of the best in the game.

  1. Fate of the Lazeniths

Fate of the Lazeniths

The Fate of the Lazeniths card set consists of 2 cards; equipping all 2 cards equipped grants you lot

resistance against Elemental damage. Equipping

all two cards afterward four awakenings grants you lot

bonus Elemental Damage by 2.00 %.

Subsequently ten awakenings, Successful strikes create a take chances for an increment of all

Elemental Damage by 24% for eight seconds.

This Carte du jour Gear up is great for both offensive and defensive play.


  • Beatrice (Legendary)
  • Allegro (Epic)

  1. Guardians Roar

Cards In Lost Ark
Guardians Roar

The Guardians Road carte prepare consists of 7 cards. Equipping 2 cards from this set volition grants

Burn Damage reduction by 8%
, Equipping 4 cards volition grant some other
 Fire Damage reduction past 8%
, and equipping half-dozen cards from this set grants some other

Burn down Impairment Reduction past 9%,

resulting in a

full Burn down Harm Reduction by 25%
, all this without whatsoever awakenings.

If you equip 6 cards from this deck after 12 awakenings, information technology will increase your Critical impairment rate by 4%, and after xxx awakenings, it changes your damage blazon to water,
 which is great if you’re against fire enemies.

Once you lot reach level 50, obtaining this carte set becomes a office of the daily grind.


  • Lumerus (Epic)
  • Icy Legoros (Epic)
  • Chromanium (Epic)
  • Caliligos (Epic)
  • Ur’nil (Epic)
  • Dark Legros (Epic)
  • Nacrasena

  1. Kazeros’s Legion Commanders

Cards in Lost Ark
Kazeros’south Legion Commanders

The Kazeros’s Legion Commanders Card Set consists of 6 cards. This card set offers

Holy Damage Reduction past x%

for every 2 cards equipped, resulting in a total

Holy Damage Reduction by 30% if you equip all 6 cards

without any awakenings.

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Equipping all 6 cards after 12 awakenings

changes your impairment to Dark
. Subsequently 18 awakenings, your

dark impairment is increased past vii%

and later on all 30 awakenings, your

nighttime impairment is increased by another 8%

resulting in a total
nighttime harm increase by

15% with a fully upgraded gear up.

This menu set up is i of the hardest card sets to acquire and upgrade fully.


  • Valtan (Legendary)
  • Vykas (Legendary)
  • Thaemine (Legendary)
  • Akkan (Legendary)
  • Brelshaza (Legendary)
  • Kakul-Saydon (Legendary)

  1. Scene Stealer

Cards in Lost Ark
Scene Stealer

The Scene Stealer menu gear up consists of 6 cards. This Menu Set offers

H2o Harm Reduction past eight%

for every 2 cards equipped the showtime two times. One time you equip all 6 cards, it offers another

Water Damage Deduction of 9%,

resulting in a

total water damage deduction of 25%

without any awakenings.

Equipping all 6 cards after 12 awakenings

increases your assail power by 4%,

and after all thirty awakenings, It changes your

damage type to lightning.


  • Avele (Ballsy)
  • Habeck (Ballsy)
  • Enviska (Epic)
  • Jederico (Epic)
  • Scherrit (Epic)
  • Kalmaris (Epic)

  1. Lostwind Cliff

Cards in Lost Ark
Lostwind Cliff

The Lostwind menu prepare consists of half dozen cards. This menu set offers a

Dark Impairment reduction by 8%

for every 2 cards equipped the offset two times. Once y’all equip all 6 Cards, it offers another

Night Impairment Reduction by nine%

resulting in a

total Dark Damage Reduction of 25%

without any awakenings.

Equipping all 6 cards later on 12 awakenings increases your

critical damage rate by 7%,

and after all 30 awakenings, It offers

three.5% holy harm

for you and your party.

We would recommend investing in this set if yous wish to maximize your damage.


  • Armen (Legendary)
  • Seria (Rare)
  • Solas (Common)
  • King Thirain (Legendary)
  • Kharmine (Legendary)
  • Delain Armen (Legendary)

  1. We’ll Meet Again

Cards in Lost Ark
We’ll Run into Again

The Nosotros’ll Run into Again Carte du jour prepare consists of iii cards. Equipping all 3 cards offers

damage taken reduction by 12%

when your health is at fifty% or less.

The impairment taken reduction is further reduced by

some other xvi% after 9 awakenings

resulting in a

total Damage Taken Reduction of 28%

without any awakenings.

After all 30 awakenings, the carte du jour set

restores some of your HP for five seconds

when your HP reaches below 20%.

This carte set up is adequately easy to complete, and we would recommend using this card gear up with

The Woods Of Giants

Carte du jour Set.


  • Madnick (Epic)
  • Vrad (Rare)
  • Sian (Rare)

  1. Forest Of Giants

Cards in Lost Ark
Forest Of Giants

Similar to the Nosotros’ll see again, The Wood of Giants is some other 3 piece carte du jour set,

increasing the effectiveness of recovery items past xv%

if you equip all 3 cards.

After ix awakenings, your

Physical and Magic defense is increased by 10%

And after all 15 awakenings, Your

Physical and Magic defense force is increased by another twenty%

resulting in

a total Physical and Magic defence increment of 30%

This carte set is easy to acquire and works actually well with the

We’ll Encounter Again

card fix; both sets accept three cards and then you tin equip both card sets simultaneously.

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  • Caspiel (Rare)
  • Mokamoka (Epic)
  • Tir (Rare)

  1. Lite Of Salvation

Cards In Lost Ark
Light Of Conservancy

The Light Of Salvation Card Gear up is opposite of the

Kazeros’s Legion Commanders

Card Set. It consists of 7 cards. Light Of Salvation card fix offers

Dark Damage reduction by ten%

for every 2 cards equipped, resulting in a total

Nighttime Harm Reduction of 30%

when all 6 cards from this gear up are equipped.

After 12 awakenings, It

changes your impairment type to Holy
, and later 18 awakenings, It

increases your Holy Damage by 7%.

After all thirty awakenings, Your Holy Impairment is

increased past another 8%

resulting in a

total Holy damage increment of fifteen%.

This bill of fare set is extremely useful in some of the end-game content.


  • Shandi (Legendary)
  • Azena and Inanna (Legendary)
  • Nineveh (Legendary)
  • Kadan (Legendary)
  • Belthorr (Legendary)
  • Thirain (Legendary)
  • Wai (Legendary)

Cards in Lost Ark

Lost Ark gives players multiple ways of upgrading and customizing their characters, and Cards are simply merely i of the many progressive systems in the game.

There are multiple card sets in Lost Ark, all offer different advantages for your character. Investing in the right cards tin help you out in diverse situations and can save yous a lot of time in the end game. At first glance, it may seem complex to new players, only it’due south actually really simple if y’all know what cards to await out for and invest your card XP points in.

A discussion of caution, you can’t only equip any carte du jour on your deck and look to get a vitrify; you need to equip cards of the same class in social club to get the intended buffs on your character. While you’re at it, consider reading our Gunslinger, Striker, Deadeye, and Scrapper build guides to perfect the playstyle y’all all-time fit into.

Cards in Lost Ark

Card Sets

Cards in Lost Ark come up in sets, significant that the more cards yous have from the same set offer more advantages and buffs. Equipping cards from different sets is also possible, but it is non as effective and will not offer as many advantages as equipping cards from the aforementioned sets.

Your graphic symbol can equip half dozen cards at the same time, and you lot can swap them out whenever you lot desire.

Now that does not mean that y’all can only equip one carte du jour set up at a fourth dimension. Some card sets have ii or 3 cards in full, so you can also equip ii card sets at the aforementioned time.

Cards in Lost Ark
Bill of fare deck

Acquiring Cards

At that place are multiple methods for acquiring cards in Lost Ark. One of the simplest methods to acquire cards is through bill of fare packs. At present, if you have a legendary menu pack, that does non necessarily mean that yous will go a Legendary card. The proper name of the card pack merely indicates the highest rank of bill of fare obtainable through the pack.

Another way of obtaining cards is to complete unlike missions and dungeons, and so you will most likely gain a bunch of cards without even trying to.

Yous tin can besides complete daily and weekly missions to gain more cards.

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Effort doing these missions as many times as yous tin because the

Legendary cards

are the rarest, and it can take quite some time trying to obtain Legendary cards.

If yous’re trying to obtain a specific carte du jour, you lot may want to take a look at the bottom of its description which states which carte packs drop the specific bill of fare yous’re looking for.

Let’s say you’re trying to acquire the


card from the

Forest of the Giants

card pack, as you can see below the carte’south description. It says “

Dawning Leafage Carte Pack
” and “
Ebony Leaf Bill of fare Pack
, ” indicating that these bill of fare packs have a higher chance of dropping this specific card.


Upgrading Cards

Every card in Lost Ark can be upgraded 5 times as indicated by the gems or crystals at the bottom of the carte, and These are chosen “
Enkindling Levels
”. Upgrading cards can be a lengthy process, depending on which card you’re trying to upgrade.

Upgrading your cards require two things.

It requires

Bill of fare XP,

which will make full up your card XP guess; one time the XP estimate has been filled so, you lot’ll need a

duplicate carte du jour

to ascend it to the side by side level. Yous become Carte du jour XP occasionally early game but don’t let that fool you considering Card XP is finite and very hard to obtain, so you don’t want to be wasting your card XP trying to upgrade random cards.

Duplicate Cards

are required if yous wish to ascend your electric current cards to the next level. Meaning if you lot wish to upgrade a certain carte to

Awakening Level 1

and then you demand 1 indistinguishable carte du jour that will be merged with your base of operations card, If yous wish to upgrade a card to

Awakening level 2 from Enkindling Level ane

then yous demand 2 indistinguishable cards that will exist merged with your base card and so on. In full, you will need

15 indistinguishable cards,

excluding your base card, if you wish to upgrade your card to the max level.

Now that tin exist easy if you’re trying to upgrade common cards, just if y’all’re trying to upgrade a legendary card, and then you demand to exist ready to invest a lot of time in Lost Ark.

Upgrade menu
Upgrade menu

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the cards and information related to them in Lost Ark. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


Lost Ark is an MMORPG that recently had a worldwide release in 2022 later on being bachelor exclusively in South Korea since 2019; and Lost Ark features excellent combat, exploration, and much variety in playstyles.

Speaking of diversity in playstyle, you might want to bank check out some of our build guides, including







builds, to know which build works best for yous.

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How to Get Kharmine Card Lost Ark