How to Get Mothball Smell Out of Camper

How to Get Mothball Smell Out of Camper

Removing Moth Ball Smell
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ramfanman on 04/07/05 08:51am We only purchased a new (to us) hybrid trailer. The previous owner used moth balls inside the trailer to control mice. The scent is brutal. Any ideas on how to get rid of this smell? We accept opened the trailer upwards for a few days (in between rains) with no luck. Bought a Glade freshner, nosotros’ll meet how that does. I call back it is in the fabrics now. HELP!

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big griz on 04/07/05 09:29am When the weather condition permits open it up, wipe down all surfaces with your favorite household cleaner, and put a fan or 2 to broadcast the air. Also double check that at that place aren’t ant moth assurance left hidden somewhere. Plenty of fresh air should do the trick.
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awanderlust on 04/07/05 09:53am I recall at that place was a similar question a few days agone, so I went to the “Search” function, which is located in the upper lefthand side of this folio, typed in
moth brawl
and found the post-obit thread:
Moth Brawl Stink

good luck

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TXiceman on 04/07/05 eleven:26am Fourth dimension and fresh air are the two solutions….and don’t utilise the mothballs again.


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Chemgoddess1 on 04/07/05 12:02pm Charcoal, charcoal and more charcoal. You need something that is going to absorb the remaining odors, not comprehend them up. There is also a production called Petrotech Odor eliminator that has a chemical in it that actually encapsulates the odor and so degrades it. I forget the proper name of the actual chemic, but I remember reading a paper on it a few years dorsum. The easiest identify to notice this production is in pet stores.

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Lilflower on 04/07/05 12:07pm OMG….I thought I was the just 1 who “hated” the smell of moth assurance. Nosotros bought our TT last Sept and like you, the previous owner had literally stuffed it full of moth balls. We found all of them (look in all the compartments) aired it out equally much as possible earlier winter set in…..I used Glade plug ins, dryer sheets, washed all the cabinets (inside and out), sprayed Febreeze on all the upholstery and curtains. We airtight it upwardly for the wintertime, opened information technology in Jan and spent Feb in Florida, naturally windows were open up all the time. So, we came abode, closed it up again and I was quite happy with the “no more moth ball” odor. SO I Thought. Friends stopped by last week to run into the trailer and the kickoff thing they said was “I smell moth balls”…..Then much for getting rid of the smell. Believe me, I can aroma a moth ball a mile away, and if I tin’t smell it now, it must be very subtle (or else I’m used to it). Either way, I believe with lots of time and plenty of fresh air, we may presently be odor free. To be honest with you, I smell the dryer sheets over the mothballs, so that’south good plenty for me. When I close it up I spread them everywhere….skilful luck!!..


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newbietrailerqueen on 04/07/05 12:32pm My darling mother use to apply those when I was a child growing up for winter clothes to “prevent” bugs. I HATED IT!!!! The smell seemed liked it would NEVER become away. Yous might effort Fabreeze or also a production Odoban (spelling) from Sams Society. I utilize dryer sheets for bugs and a nice fresh smell. Proficient luck!

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ramfanman on 04/11/05 02:30pm Thanks for all the bully info! We opened it upward this weekend. Took downwardly all of the curtains and washed them all. All seat cushions/couch/etc was sprayed with Febreeze and set up outside in the fresh air for the solar day. We wiped down every inch of wall, ceiling, cabinet and floor. Done out all of the sinks and shower. Put a few air freshners within and……………… it smells better! Nevertheless has a hint of mothball smell but it is now liveable. Thanks again for the help.
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Lynne Leathers on 04/11/05 07:40pm If all else fails, you may want to try an air ionizer. I used i in our erstwhile motorhome because the previous owners also used mothballs. The ionizer makes everything smell like the fresh outdoors. They vary in price range, only maybe you could detect a proficient used one on eBay if nothing else helps the odor.

Good luck!

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MrRambler on 04/12/05 01:10pm Several things to do. #i practice not use any spray to cover upward any smell, anytime, anywhere – ever – all yous practice is desensitize the nasal passageways and makes smelling anything less noticeable. It’s NOT a good fashion to accost the problem. #ii is to absolutely remove any moth balls or especially moth flakes. People used to like spreadingthe flakes into corners to cover moldy smells (i.e. problems may be in those rigs!) The best remedy hither is to physically remove EVERYTHING from the rig for airing and cleaning while you vaccum out every square inch of your rig. In the process, look for areas that might have been SPRAYED with an anti-moth liquid (whihc would be very hard to remove) #3 after vaccuming get a good mildly soapy bucket of warm water and effectively wipe/clean downwards every surface unless information technology’due south non-painted blank forest. #3 purchase a good air ionizer – this is one of the few times that exposing yourself to the bad negative ions really is good – close up the rig and turn it on leaving all the doors open. (Remove the bedding, matresses and other textile materials for exposure to the lord’s day and breezes during this time of ionizing) The process may have several weeks, and would recommend a small fan exist turned on to help motion the air around.

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When this is all done, MINIMIZE your exposure to the ionizer and open things up to air it all out. Several fans will help – don’t be afraid to air it out for a few days.

Finally inspect everything before yous return information technology to your rig. Don’t allow anything back in if you aroma the moth balls.

Other than this procedure, you may contact a few businesses that bargain with fire and water damage. They are expensive and only a few would exist willing to exercise the job.

This is all from past experiences from a neighbor. He likewise decided to purchase several dozen of the baking soda boxes and rotate them through for a few weeks when the rig wasn’t used. It helped even more.

It took the folks the entire summer final year to get rid of all the aroma. By the way – he decided to replace all the rubber gaskets for doors and access panels equally well. It’s nearly impossible to remove the aroma from rubber products. Foam matresses, for some reason, responds to sunlight and light breezes to some degree.

Promise this helps.

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How to Get Mothball Smell Out of Camper