How to Get My Amazon Product on First Page

How to Get My Amazon Product on First Page

Getting Your Amazon List to Page 1

Amazon is the most pop online marketplace used by quite a big number of sellers and buyers. However, it is fairly uncomplicated logic to say that it isn’t enough to merely have your product on Amazon. I of the all-time means to ensure you are making sales is to have your products appear at the elevation when prospective buyers search for what you sell.

More lxxx% of the total sales on Amazon takes place on the beginning page. In fact, to be more specific, more 65% of all the sales involves the first two results solitary. Knowing the first page is the honeypot every big touch on Amazon wants to become, how practise you lot make that honeypot yours? Getting your product to the top of Amazon search results really takes some time. It is a process and you take to deliberately piece of work towards making it happen.

Meet A9, Your Key to Amazon forepart folio dominance.

If you are serious nearly getting on Amazon front folio, the guy to meet is A9. Okay, maybe A9 is technically not really a guy, but it is quite an important factor in your quest for front end page dominance. A9 is the Algorithm that controls Amazon search results and ultimately decides which products appear on the forepart page when you brand a query.

Once the prospective buyer hits the search button, what A9 does is to pull a catalog of products to fit the buyer’s query. These results are then sorted in order of their relevance to the buyer. “Relevance” is a term most SEO experts are familiar with it. But while many might consider “Relevance” more than of Google’s manner of doing things, information technology is virtually the same for Amazon also. Rather than answer the question of which upshot answers the searcher’s query most accurately, A9’s goal is to answer the question of which production the searcher is most likely to buy. This translates to conversion at the end of the day.

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Merely how does Amazon determine which products are more than likely to exist purchased than the other? Information technology isn’t something random or a production of luck at all. Instead, Amazon makes utilize of a combination programmatic analysis, homo-like judgment, and of import business performance metrics to make up one’s mind who gets to announced commencement. This essentially means the ranking is done, fifty-fifty earlier users search for your production.

Since Amazon tracks every unmarried user’south activity on the site, even down to hovering the mouse on a product, the goal of the algorithm is to use the information collected from every user to maximize the Revenue per client

Based on the understanding of Amazon’s algorithm nosotros accept discussed, information technology is safe to say that all the steps a seller needs to take to increment their chances of getting listed on Amazon’s front end page must exist targeted at maintaining relevancy, increasing their chances of conversion and the probability of satisfying the customer. Substantially, products that fit these criteria the virtually are the ones that are more likely to appear on the front page. So how do you practice this?

How to increase the relevance of your product to search results?

  1. Title:
    it is possible you have at some point plant products on Amazon with surprisingly long names that practically brand no sense. What these sellers are trying to do is to cram as many keywords into their production name equally possible which is one of the metrics that determines relevance to search results.
  2. Product clarification and features:
    Amazon is so item about the features of the product that appear on its get-go page. Nearly superlative-ranked products commonly take their features listed in clear and concise bullet points. The goal here is to brand the features both informative and keyword loaded.
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Your product clarification should be focused on ensuring engagement. Information technology is where you lot elucidate on your production features and you should focus on making it as flavory as possible. Other important details that can influence your ranking in this aspect is your product specification (technical details) and search terms yous want in association with your production.

Conversion rate related factors

  1. Sales rank: The more sales you make, the higher the rankings are, and college rankings lead to more sales. While this might audio similar a savage cycle, preference is given to the bestselling products. They are more than likely to appear on the front end page of search results.
  1. Customer reviews: Amazon not merely ranks product based on positivity of reviews, but also the number of reviews and also the seller’s response to reviews as well. Another betoken related to this is the Questions and Answers question section of your product. Nigh of the highest ranked products accept high numbers of Q&As.
  1. Image quality: The production image is another area Amazon is so serious about and has continued to tighten its policies on. In fact, for some production categories, a minimum quality of 1000×m pixels are compulsory earlier your product tin can even exist listed at all. Amazon believes its “hover to zoom” feature has a huge impact on conversion and having practiced quality pictures is compulsory to offer that characteristic.
  1. Pricing: Another factor, which hugely influences predicted conversion rate of the product is pricing. Amazon is more probable to listing products that offer the best deals to buyers first earlier products with less competitive pricing.

In addition to these conversion factors, Amazon likewise measures your product folio’southward bounciness back rate as well equally how much time buyers spend on your page as office of the factors which influences product ranking.

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Customer satisfaction

It makes sense that Amazon’s algorithm volition rank products based on past records of the product’south functioning. Customer satisfaction is i of the ultimate things Amazon looks for to determine which product appears on its front folio. Here are some of the things to practise in order to perform well in this surface area.

  • Avoid negative reviews:
    While getting positive reviews from your customers is important as information technology might assist with conversion and customer retentivity, Amazon makes information technology clear that positive reviews are non part of the benchmark it considers. What yous should really exist concerned about are the negative reviews. Amazon tracks negative feedback and it has a style of bringing down your rankings.
  • Process orders fast and ensure that y’all always accept items in stock. This indicate is pretty straightforward, a buyer that is always running out of stock is less probable to be listed on the front folio of search results. Amazon also tracks response time every bit it has a huge affect on customer satisfaction.
  • Other client satisfaction metrics you demand to be concerned about include the Perfect Lodge Pct which as the name implies refers to how smoothly your orders are candy besides as the Guild Defect Charge per unit which is the exact opposite.


In all, getting listed on the first folio on Amazon depends on a combination of deliberate efforts geared towards ensuring that you make your product visible by making them easier to find (relevance), more probable to be bought and keeping your customers happy. These shouldn’t exist too difficult for any serious-minded seller.

How to Get My Amazon Product on First Page