How to Get Operator Badge in Ability Wars

How to Get Operator Badge in Ability Wars

Quests were added to the game at the beginning June, later on the 1M visits update.


You can discover the missions adjacent to the portal in spawn. Equally of currently, in that location are 10 missions to complete. Go along in mind every mission tin can only be completed once, and you can merely practise one mission at a time earlier having to await for a cooldown.


Below is a listing of all the electric current missions as of June 7th, and how to complete them.

Purchase an particular from the shop

Screenshot 2022-06-07 4.47.42 PM.png
This one is very self explanatory, just become to the shop and buy an detail. It is recommended to utilise kick to refrain from spending punches. You lot will be rewarded with 50 punches.

Dial someone into the void

Another self explanatory one, only punch somebody off the map to complete this. You will be rewarded with 75 punches.

Find the Backrooms


For this quest, just become into the upper left corner of the cavern when you enter, and you will noclip through the floor into the Backrooms. Y’all will become 100 punches and the “Backrooms!” bluecoat. (If you have non already received it.)

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Impale someone with Boomerang


For this quest, all y’all have to exercise is get somebody to low health, and then end them off with the Boomerang ability. You volition receive 200 punches for completing this mission.

Accident someone up with Cake


To become this quest, but equip the Cake ability, and throw it. You will go the quest if somebody steps on it. The advantage for this one is 300 punches.

Go to the moon


You and at least ane other person demand to equip the gravity ability and use it at the same fourth dimension. Doing so volition launch you into the air, where you will exist teleported to the moon. Yous will go 400 punches and volition be awarded the “Moonist!” badge. (If non already acquired.)

Kill a dominate


To complete this quest, you must expect for one of 4 bosses to spawn, and you lot must exist the i to land the last hit. This can take a while, peculiarly in public servers, only you will be awarded 700 punches and the dominate’s appropriate trophy.

Infect 5 people with Hivemind


This quest is unproblematic, yet hard. You need to equip the Hivemind power, and have 5 different people in your “tribe” at the same time, this can be awfully frustrating due to the lack of communications and people with troll abilities most of the time.

Have your Robot kill 2 people


This quest seems very piece of cake until you realize your robot has to exercise it in 1 life. It’s recommended to become two

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people to blood-red in the bar, so spawn your robot before they die. You will be rewarded with 1300 punches.

Get 300 streak with Devourer Of Souls


For the concluding mission, it’s no piece of cake. As Devourer Of Souls, you must impale 300 people without dying. If you manage to pull information technology off, y’all will be rewarded with a whopping 2500 punches. You can only, as Devourer Of Souls, impale another person with a 300+ streak (which is arguably incommunicable to do with someone who doesn’t want to dice). You can pass it on over and over so people can go the 100 badge and/or the 300 streak mission.


  • The Missions update was the only major mechanic added in it’s update. With some pocket-sized ones being visual effects for time reverse, and modest bug fixes.
  • You lot tin simply equip one mission at a time. And then brand sure you have the correct 1 equipped! Wouldn’t desire to become a 300 streak for nothing.
  • The easiest mode to do these quests is to go on a smaller server, where you are at less risk of dying.
  • All of the quests total upward to 6625 punches.
  • If all ten quests are completed, the Operator badge volition be awarded. Operator unlocks the Engineer and UFO abilities.

How to Get Operator Badge in Ability Wars