A disgusted mum has told how the rat infestation at her home has left her unable to utilise her bath.

Kelly Davison, of Saltash Cornwall, said the problem is and so bad she can see and experience rats moving under her bathtub as she bathes her kids.

She claims she has reported the horrific consequence to Cornwall Housing, which owns the holding, several times but they take not solved the upshot.

The mum likewise told hold how she has been left horrified by the stench of the rodent’s rotting carcases later on rat poisonous substance was used to kill some of them.

Kelly told Cornwall Live: “My children and I have to live with rats and Cornwall Housing doesn’t seem to care.

“The odour is unbearable and making my children and I poorly. They are under the bath. When I bath the children you can hear and feel them under the bath.

Kelly Davison, of Saltash Cornwall, said she has been unable to use their bath because of the rodents running wild in her dwelling house

“They are backside the toilet and sink which is boxed in. I’ve lodged two formal complaints with housing and chosen hundreds of times just they (Cornwall Housing) are not interested and do absolutely zilch to help.”

The mum-of-three said her family take been left feeling physically sick past the infestation.

Kelly claims the but action taken so far was the use of rat poison which has killed some of the rodents.

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But she says there is now a horrendous stench emanating from the expressionless carcasses that oasis’t been removed.

Evidence of the rat infestation at Kelly Davison’s holding

Kelly said: “We’ve been here two years and the problem still isn’t solved. Someone came and put the rat poison downward but they haven’t been back since and the scent is worse than ever.

“The smell just lingers and every morn makes us ill. It’southward disgusting, rotting similar faeces. Thank goodness I have the all-time childminder. I can take the children to hers for baths and we have a caravan for toilet use.

“I’ve already bought a new bathroom suite, I just demand them to take information technology all apart and find out how they’re coming in. I don’t care how pretty a new bathroom is, I but want ane that functions.

“I’chiliad constantly being fobbed off and we’re so desperate for this to get sorted.”

Daily Star Online has contacted Cornwall Housing for comment.

Earlier this month it was reported pest control experts say rats have lost all fear of humans and take taken to invading homes by climbing into toilets and even through letterboxes

Bosses at Rentokil said that in that location has been a 22 per cent rise in call-outs to bargain with rats over the by month and that the rodents are now ‘so brave’ they go scavenging for food in broad daylight.

Worryingly, pest controllers on the ground take told chiefs that the rats they are finding are ‘more than confident’ – with householders saying the rodents are coming into their homes through their letterboxes and toilets.

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Rentokil say many of their operatives have reported that rats are less likely to turn tail and run these days – with some standing their ground and eyeballing them.