How to Get Runner Marker in Find the Markers

How to Get Runner Marker in Find the Markers

Runner Marking
is a Difficult Marker in the game. They were added on January 25, 2022.



Runner Marker’s illustration appears as the Regal Marker with an orange and white sweatband, and are shown property a h2o bottle while sweating. They as well have half-lidded eyes.


Runner Marking’due south in-game appearance does not hold a water bottle and sweat.


Spoilers Alert
You have to go to the keyboard room in the mountains and put in “DIFFICULTY”, after doing so you need to do the obby until yous get to the difficult class, in that location should be a brick to the right of the sign and then jump on it. At that place will be a 1,000 stud walk. At the terminate Runner Mark will be there.


  • Runner Marking is one of only 5 markers that is holding something in his hand. The other ones being Archer Marker, Dark Markery, Gingerbread Marker, and Greedy Marker.





Easy Markers

Purple Marker.png

Purple Marker
Anniversary Marker.png

Anniversary Marker
Archer Marker New.png

Archer Marker
Baby Marker.png

Infant Marker
Ball Marker.png

Ball Marker
Bee Marker.png

Bee Mark
Big Orange Marker.png

Big Orangish Marker
Black Marker.png

Black Mark
Bluegrass Marker.png

Bluegrass Marking
Bone Marker.png

Os Mark
Brown Marker.png

Chocolate-brown Marker
Cactus Marker.png

Cactus Marker
Capless Marker's Cap.png

Capless Marker’s Cap
Carpet Marker.png

Carpeting Marker
Coral Marker.png

Coral Marker
Crystal Marker.png

Crystal Mark
Dark Blue Marker.png

Dark Blue Marker
Dragon Marker.png

Dragon Mark
Dream Marker.png

Dream Marking
Dummy Marker.png

Dummy Marking
Explode Marker.png

Explode Marker
Fire Marker.png

Fire Marker
Firefly Marker.png

Firefly Mark

Fishbowl Mark
Ghost Marker.png

Ghost Marking
Gingerbread Marker.png

Gingerbread Mark
Goat Marker.png

Goat Marker
Grass Marker.png

Grass Mark
Hanging Marker.png

Hanging Mark
Industrial Marker.png

Industrial Marker
King Marker.png

King Mark
Lava Jump Marker New.png

Lava Spring Marker
Lavender Marker.png

Lavender Mark
Lightbulb Marker.png

Lightbulb Marker
Liquid Marker.png

Liquid Marker
Magenta Marker.png

Magenta Marker
Marker Deleted.png

Mark Deleted
Marker for the Black Baseplate.png

Marker for the Black Baseplate

Markerseed the Fallen.png

Markerseed the Fallen
Maroon Marker.png

Maroon Marker
Marshmallow Marker.png

Marshmallow Marker
Mud Marker.png

Mud Marker
Old Marker.png

Former Marker
Periwinkle Marker.png

Periwinkle Marking
Permanent Marker.png

Permanent Marking
Red Marker.png

Red Marking
Security Marker.png

Security Marker
Snow Marker.png

Snow Marker
Snowman Marker.png

Snowman Marker
Tan Marker.png

Tan Mark
Temple Marker.png

Temple Mark
Thief Marker.png

Thief Marking
Tied Marker.png

Tied Marker
Torch Marker.png

Torch Mark
Triple Marker.png

Triple Marker
Water Marker.png

Water Marker
Yellow Marker.png

Yellow Mark
Zombie Marker.png

Zombie Marker

Medium Markers

Bendy Straw Marker.png

Bendy Straw Marker
Blue Marker.png

Blueish Marker
Box Marker.png

Box Marker
Brick Marker.png

Brick Marker
Capless Marker.png

Capless Marker
Catzo Marker.png

Catzo Mark
Cheese Marker 2.png

Cheese Mark
Chocolate Marker.png

Chocolate Mark
Cobblestone Marker.png

Cobblestone Marking
Cork Marker.png

Cork Marker
Cowboy Marker New 2.png

Cowboy Marking

Cyan Marker New.png

Cyan Marker
Dark Green Marker.png

Nighttime Green Mark
Ecosystem Marker.png

Ecosystem Marker
Feta Cheese Marker.png

Feta Cheese Marker
Flamingo Marker.png

Flamingo Marker
Golden Marker.png

Golden Marking
Gray Marker.png

Grey Mark
Greedy Marker.png

Greedy Marker
Hammer Marker.png

Hammer Marker
Khaki Marker.png

Khaki Marker
Leaf Marker.png

Leaf Marker
Licorice Marker.png

Licorice Marker
Lilypad Marker.png

Lilypad Marker
Lime Marker.png

Lime Mark

Martian Marker.png

Martian Marker
Mint Marker.png

Mint Marking
Mushroom Marker.png

Mushroom Marker
Oil Marker.png

Oil Marker
Olive Marker.png

Olive Marker
Orange Marker (New).png

Orange Marker
Pink Marker.png

Pinkish Marking
Plaid Marker.png

Plaid Marker
Platinum Marker.png

Platinum Marker
Primrose Marker.png

Primrose Marker
Princess Marker.png

Princess Mark
Quicksilver Marker.png

Quicksilver Mark
Rainbow Marker.png

Rainbow Marking
Realistic Marker.png

Realistic Marking
Rock Marker.png

Rock Marker
Rocket Marker.png

Rocket Marking
Rust Marker.png

Rust Mark
Salmon Marker.png

Salmon Marker
Sand Marker.png

Sand Mark
Sandstorm Marker.png

Sandstorm Marker
Santa Marker.png

Santa Marker
Serenity Marker.png

Serenity Mark
Smoke Marker.png

Fume Marker

Space Mark

Static Marker (New).png

Static Marker
Teenage Mutant Ninja Marker.png

Teenage Mutant Ninja Marker
Transparent Marker.png

Transparent Mark
Triple-Scoop New.png

Triple-Scoop Marker
White Marker.png

White Mark
Wood Marker.png

Wood Marking
Xanwood Marker.png

Xanwood Marker

Hard Markers

Atomic Marker.png

Atomic Marker
Aurora Marker.png

Aurora Marker
Battery Marker.png

Battery Marking
Beige Marker.png

Beige Marker
BFDI Marker.png

Bluish Gray Marker.png

Blue Gray Marker
Camo Marker.png

Camo Marker
Candy Cane Marker.png

Candy Cane Marker
Ceramic Marker.png

Ceramic Marker
Chicken Marker.png

Chicken Marking
Cloud Marker.png

Deject Marker
Comet Marker.png

Comet Marking
Dirt Marker.png

Dirt Marker
Evil Marker.png

Evil Mark
Flan Marker New.png

Flan Marker
Flower Marker.png

Flower Marker
Flytrap Marker.png

Flytrap Marking

Green Marker.png

Dark-green Marker

Ice Marker
Ivory Marker.png

Ivory Marker
Jumpscare Marker.png

Jumpscare Marker
Killbrick Marker.png

Killbrick Marker
Knight Marker.png

Knight Marker
Lollipop Marker.png

Lollipop Marking
Magenta Void Marker.png

Magenta Void Marker
Marker Stack.png

Marker Stack

MEGA Marker!
Merchant Marker.png

Merchant Marker
Missing Texture Marker.png

Missing Texture Marker
Moonstone Marker.png

Moonstone Marker
Nebula Marker New.png

Nebula Mark
Obby Marker.png

Obby Marker
Paper Marker(New).png

Newspaper Marker
Peppermint Marker New.png

Peppermint Marker
Phoenix Marker New.png

Phoenix Marker
Polka-Dot Marker.png

Polka-Dot Marker
Quagmire Marker.png

Quagmire Marking
Quest Marker.png

Quest Marker
Rainbow Road Marker.png

Rainbow Road Mark
Reindeer Marker.png

Reindeer Marker
Rockslide Marker.png

Rockslide Marker
Runner Marker.png

Runner Marker
Salted Caramel Marker.png

Salted Caramel Marking
Shadow Marker.png

Shadow Marker
Ski Marker.png

Ski Marking
Skydiving Marker.png

Skydiving Mark
Spider Marker.png

Spider Marking
Strawberry Marker.png

Strawberry Marker
Vermillion Marker.png

Vermillion Marker
Void Marker.png

Void Mark
Wild Marker.png

Wild Marker
Wizard Marker.png

Magician Marker

Insane Markers


Atmosphere Marker New.png

Atmosphere Marker
Balloon Marker.png

Balloon Marker
Bioluminescent Marker New.png

Bioluminescent Marking
Black Hole Marker New.png

Black Hole Marker
Bubble Bath Marker.png

Chimera Bath Marker
Burning Marker.png

Burning Mark
Chomik Marker.png

Chomik Marking
Couch Marker.png

Couch Mark
Devil Marker.png

Devil Marker
Error Marker.png

Error Mark
Gilded Marker New.png

Gilded Marker
Glitch Marker.png

Glitch Marker
Gummy Marker.png

Gummy Marker
Inverted Marker.png

Inverted Marker
Malding Marker.png

Malding Marker
Medium Stone Grey Marker.png

Medium Stone Grey Marker
Mimic Marker.png

Mimic Mark
Pebble Marker.png

Pebble Marker
Plasma Marker New.png

Plasma Marker
Quartz Marker.png

Quartz Marker
Quicksand Marker.png

Quicksand Marker
Skinny Marker.png

Skinny Mark
Stardust Marker.png

Stardust Marking
Stormy Marker.png

Stormy Mark
Sunburnt Marker.png

Sunburnt Marker
Sus Marker.png

Sus Marker
Teapot Marker.png

Teapot Marker
Time Marker.png

Time Mark
Viridian Marker New.png

Viridian Marker
Vitellary Marker.png

Vitellary Marking
Winning Marker.png

Winning Marker

Extreme Markers

90 Degree Marker.png

ninety Degree Marking
Alternate Marker.png

Alternating Marker
Cornbread Marker New.png

Cornbread Marker
Cough Drop Marker.png

Cough Drop Marking

Foliage Marker
Forbidden Marker.png

Forbidden Marking
Noob Marker.png

Noob Marker
Potion Marker.png

Potion Marker
Sunlight Marker.png

Sunlight Marker
Supernova Marker.png

Supernova Marking
Technical Marker.png

Technical Marker

Tree Sap Marker
Zen Marker.png

Zen Marker

Markerous Markers

Danger Marker.png

Danger Mark
Dark Markery (New).png

Dark Markery
Difficulty Chart Marker.png

Difficulty Chart Marking

Event Markers

Anniversary Marker.png

Ceremony Marker
Reindeer Marker.png

Reindeer Marker
Santa Marker.png

Santa Mark

Unreleased Markers

Abacus Marker.png

Abacus Marker
Dreamscape Marker.png

Dreamscape Marker
Furnace Marker.png

Furnace Mark

Matrix Marker
Music Marker.png

Music Mark
Party Marker.png

Party Marker
Pixel Marker.png

Pixel Marker
Popsicle Marker.png

Popsicle Mark
Statue Marker.png

Statue Marker
Wireframe Marker.png

Wireframe Marking

Easter Egg Markers

Popkorn's Left Leg Marker.png

Left Leg Marking

Cancelled Markers

Chaos Marker.png

Anarchy Marker
Fish Marker.png

Fish Marking
Group Marker.png

Group Marker
Jigsaw Marker.png

Jigsaw Mark
Malware Marker New.png

Malware Marker
Solar Flare Marker.png

Solar Flare Marker
Xanadu Marker.png

Xanadu Marking

How to Get Runner Marker in Find the Markers


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