Want to find out the driblet rates for all of your Lost Ark Menu Packs, rapport chests, and gem chests? Look no further.

Lost Ark, the free to play MMOARPG from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, has a number of mechanics that revolve effectually drop rates. Many have said that the game is very generous for a free to play championship, merely but like any championship in this genre, there is at to the lowest degree a fiddling bit of a gacha mechanic.

Gem chests, rapport chest, and bill of fare packs, three types of items that are essentially to optimizing your character at endgame, are all based on random take a chance.

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Laws against gambling require that Amazon and Smilegate disembalm these drib rates for consumer and then they know what they’re getting themselves into. These drop rates for Lost Ark come direct from Amazon’s FAQ page, then they have to be legit.

As you lot tin imagine, the more rate an item is, the less take a chance information technology has to drop.

Lost Ark Gem Chest Drib Rates

Gems are used in inscription, the method of enchanting in Lost Ark. They add modifiers to your gear and change your build rather significantly. Like to games like Monster Hunter, these gems drib by random take chances, simply they drop from Precious stone Chests in this game rather than beingness craftable.

Here are the odds for each below.

T2 Precious stone Breast (Lv. 1-2)

Rank Detail Name Odds
Uncommon Level 1 Azure Gem 32.fifty%
Uncommon Level 1 Farsea Gem 32.l%
Uncommon Level two Azure Gem 17.fifty%
Uncommon Level 2 Farsea Gem 17.50%
Total 100.00%

T2 Jewel Chest (Lv. ane-3)

Rank Item Name Odds
Uncommon Level 1 Azure Precious stone 32.50%
Uncommon Level 1 Farsea Gem 32.50%
Uncommon Level 2 Azure Gem 12.50%
Uncommon Level 2 Farsea Gem 12.50%
Rare Level 3 Azure Gem 5.00%
Rare Level 3 Farsea Gem 5.00%
Full 100.00%

T3 Gem Breast (Lv. 1-two)

Rank Item Proper name Odds
Uncommon Level one Annihilation Jewel 36.fifty%
Uncommon Level ane Crimson Flame Gem 36.50%
Uncommon Level 2 Annihilation Gem 13.fifty%
Uncommon Level two Crimson Flame Gem xiii.fifty%
Total 100.00%

T3 Gem Chest (Lv. 1-three)

Rank Item Name Odds
Uncommon Level 1 Annihilation Jewel 36.50%
Uncommon Level one Crimson Flame Gem 36.50%
Uncommon Level 2 Annihilation Precious stone x.00%
Uncommon Level 2 Crimson Flame Gem ten.00%
Rare Level iii Annihilation Gem 3.50%
Rare Level 3 Cherry-red Flame Precious stone iii.50%
Total 100.00%

Lost Ark Menu Pack Drop Rates

Card packs are extremely important in Lost Ark’s metagame. In order for you to accept an optimized build, you have to get card sets. These card sets drib from Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary card packs. The packs themselves come from Card Pack Chests, which tin drop each of them at diverse percentages.

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In order to find a specific card y’all’re looking for, simply practise a quick ctrl+f from the tables below. Also bank check out our guide on how to get carte packs, the sets you might demand to look out for, and more coming before long.

Legendary – Epic Card Pack

Rank Item Proper noun Odds
Legendary Legendary Card Pack 20.00%
Epic Epic Card Pack 80.00%
Total 100.00%

Legendary – Rare Carte du jour Pack

Rank Particular Name Odds
Legendary Legendary Card Pack 4.00%
Epic Ballsy Card Pack sixteen.00%
Rare Rare Card Pack 80.00%
Full 100.00%

Any Card Pack

Rank Item Proper name Odds
Legendary Legendary Carte Pack 0.50%
Epic Epic Menu Pack nine.fifty%
Rare Rare Carte Pack xl.00%
Uncommon Uncommon Carte du jour Pack 30.00%
Normal Normal Card Pack twenty.00%
Full 100.00%

Legendary Carte du jour Pack

Rank Item Name Odds
Legendary Armen five.26%
Legendary Thirain 5.26%
Legendary King Thirain five.26%
Legendary Shandi 5.26%
Legendary Zinnervale five.26%
Legendary Delain Armen 5.26%
Legendary Wei 5.26%
Legendary Akkan 5.26%
Legendary Kharmine 5.26%
Legendary Beatrice 5.26%
Legendary Azena and Inanna five.26%
Legendary Balthorr 5.26%
Legendary Guardian Luen 5.26%
Legendary Luterra v.26%
Legendary Sien five.26%
Legendary Galatur v.26%
Legendary Nineveh 5.26%
Legendary Kakul-Saydon Without Madness 5.26%
Legendary Kadan five.26%
Total 100.00%

Ballsy Card Pack

Rank Detail Name Odds
Epic Thanatos one.33%
Epic Thunderwings 1.33%
Epic Scherrit 1.33%
Ballsy Allegro 1.33%
Epic Nahun 1.33%
Epic Jagan 1.33%
Epic Blackfang 1.33%
Epic Mokamoka 1.33%
Epic Habeck 1.33%
Epic Banda 1.33%
Ballsy Bastian 1.33%
Epic Sasha i.33%
Ballsy Krause 1.33%
Ballsy Mari 1.33%
Epic Lord of Development Krause one.33%
Epic Madnick one.33%
Epic Thar 1.33%
Ballsy Anabel 1.33%
Epic Sigmund 1.33%
Epic Nacrasena 1.33%
Epic Levanos i.33%
Epic Vertus 1.33%
Epic Chromanium ane.33%
Epic Helgaia one.33%
Ballsy Icy Legoros 1.33%
Epic Dark Legoros 1.33%
Ballsy Ephernia 1.33%
Epic Gnosis ane.33%
Ballsy Undart i.33%
Epic Sylperion 1.33%
Epic Kaysarr 1.33%
Epic Velcruze 1.33%
Epic Kaishur 1.33%
Epic Zaika i.33%
Epic Kaldor ane.33%
Epic Jederico 1.33%
Epic Kalmaris 1.33%
Ballsy Zaika in Chaos one.33%
Epic Avele 1.33%
Epic Ealyn 1.33%
Ballsy Enviska 1.33%
Epic Lumerus 1.33%
Ballsy Ur’zilch 1.33%
Epic Calventus i.33%
Epic Lava Chromanium ane.33%
Epic Armored Nacrasena i.33%
Ballsy Flame Fox Yoho 1.33%
Epic Frost Helgaia 1.33%
Epic Tytalos 1.33%
Epic Night Play a trick on Yoho 1.33%
Ballsy Velganos 1.33%
Epic Achates 1.33%
Ballsy Igrexion ane.33%
Epic Mystic 1.33%
Epic Kaishuter one.33%
Epic Alberhastic 1.33%
Epic Alaric 1.33%
Ballsy Fjorgin 1.33%
Epic Parkunas 1.33%
Epic Navinos 1.33%
Epic Asta 1.33%
Epic Ortuus one.33%
Ballsy Agaton 1.33%
Ballsy Elpon 1.33%
Epic Ratik 1.33%
Epic Karta 1.33%
Epic Ezrebet 1.33%
Epic Krissa 1.33%
Epic Calvasus i.33%
Ballsy Nia 1.33%
Epic Shana 1.33%
Epic Albion one.33%
Epic Argos 1.33%
Epic Deskaluda 1.33%
Epic Kungelanium one.33%
Total 100.00%

Rare Bill of fare Pack

Rank Particular Name Odds
Rare Varut 0.99%
Rare Prideholme Neria 0.99%
Rare Rudric 0.99%
Rare Robber Leader Ugo 0.99%
Rare Velkan 0.99%
Rare Plaguebringer 0.99%
Rare Harzal 0.99%
Rare Salt Giant 0.99%
Rare Thunder 0.99%
Rare Celedan 0.99%
Rare Meehan 0.99%
Rare Rictus 0.99%
Rare Cassleford 0.99%
Rare Rovlen 0.99%
Rare Alifer 0.99%
Rare Luterra Castle Neria 0.99%
Rare Wili-Wili 0.99%
Rare Seria 0.99%
Rare Heretic High Priest 0.99%
Rare Jahia 0.99%
Rare Ligheas 0.99%
Rare Halrock 0.99%
Rare Cals Moronto 0.99%
Rare Hiebike 0.99%
Rare Nox 0.99%
Rare Setino 0.99%
Rare Totoma 0.99%
Rare Hybee Executioner 0.99%
Rare Guardian Eolh 0.99%
Rare Ed the Red 0.99%
Rare Guardian Tir 0.99%
Rare Caspiel the Giant God 0.99%
Rare Ark Guardian Occel 0.99%
Rare Pahan 0.99%
Rare Manpo 0.99%
Rare Miru 0.99%
Rare Wonpho 0.99%
Rare Gildal 0.99%
Rare Rekiel of Despair 0.99%
Rare Plague Legion Varto 0.99%
Rare Dochul 0.99%
Rare Chaotic Chuo 0.99%
Rare Stern Neria 0.99%
Rare Signatus 0.99%
Rare S 0.99%
Rare J 0.99%
Rare Anton 0.99%
Rare Vrad 0.99%
Rare Tarsila 0.99%
Rare Ruave 0.99%
Rare Sian 0.99%
Rare Maneth 0.99%
Rare Gideon 0.99%
Rare Garum 0.99%
Rare Payla 0.99%
Rare Gorgon 0.99%
Rare Proxima 0.99%
Rare Erasmo 0.99%
Rare Tooki King 0.99%
Rare Breareos 0.99%
Rare Kagros 0.99%
Rare Body of water God Aporas 0.99%
Rare Experimental Tarmakum 0.99%
Rare Sol Grande 0.99%
Rare Lenora 0.99%
Rare Aven 0.99%
Rare Gherdia 0.99%
Rare Orelda 0.99%
Rare Phantom Queen 0.99%
Rare Phantom King 0.99%
Rare Great Castle Neria 0.99%
Rare Piyer 0.99%
Rare Nazan 0.99%
Rare Kyzra 0.99%
Rare Eikerr 0.99%
Rare Naber 0.99%
Rare Levi 0.99%
Rare Goulding 0.99%
Rare Geppetto 0.99%
Rare Admos 0.99%
Rare Bergstrom 0.99%
Rare Vanquisher 0.99%
Rare Spear of Annihilation 0.99%
Rare Wavestrand Port Neria 0.99%
Rare Abyssina 0.99%
Rare Puppa 0.99%
Rare Samly 0.99%
Rare Knut 0.99%
Rare Adrinne 0.99%
Rare Jahara 0.99%
Rare Liru 0.99%
Rare Nagi 0.99%
Rare Seto 0.99%
Rare Cicerra 0.99%
Rare Stella 0.99%
Rare Haiger 0.99%
Rare Lujean 0.99%
Rare Gereon 0.99%
Rare Vern Zenlord 0.99%
Rare Candaria Neria 0.99%
Rare Cindy 0.99%
Total 100.00%

Uncommon Bill of fare Pack

Rank Item Name Odds
Uncommon Vengeful Spirit 1.75%
Uncommon Dadan 1.75%
Uncommon Giant Worm 1.75%
Uncommon Urr ane.75%
Uncommon Benard 1.75%
Uncommon Cadogan 1.75%
Uncommon Monterque 1.75%
Uncommon Bishu 1.75%
Uncommon Berhart one.75%
Uncommon Brinewt 1.75%
Uncommon Azaran 1.75%
Uncommon Gabrian 1.75%
Uncommon Executor Solas 1.75%
Uncommon Totoiki ane.75%
Uncommon Egg of Creation 1.75%
Uncommon Guardian Peroth one.75%
Uncommon Yuul 1.75%
Uncommon Hari 1.75%
Uncommon Onehand 1.75%
Uncommon Hodon 1.75%
Uncommon Gumga 1.75%
Uncommon Sakkul 1.75%
Uncommon Sir Druden ane.75%
Uncommon Sir Valleylead 1.75%
Uncommon Seville one.75%
Uncommon Commander Sol 1.75%
Uncommon Javern 1.75%
Uncommon Ramis ane.75%
Uncommon Nakshun one.75%
Uncommon Poppy 1.75%
Uncommon Butcher Arre i.75%
Uncommon Navegal 1.75%
Uncommon Lena 1.75%
Uncommon Favreau ane.75%
Uncommon Zenri ane.75%
Uncommon Mikeel and Nomed i.75%
Uncommon Phantom Knight ane.75%
Uncommon Phantom Rook 1.75%
Uncommon Phantom Bishop 1.75%
Uncommon Siera i.75%
Uncommon Rubenstein del Orazio ane.75%
Uncommon Imar 1.75%
Uncommon Lutia 1.75%
Uncommon Morpheo 1.75%
Uncommon Morina 1.75%
Uncommon Madam Moonscent 1.75%
Uncommon Dakudaku 1.75%
Uncommon Stranded Temma 1.75%
Uncommon Tanay 1.75%
Uncommon Gobius XXIV 1.75%
Uncommon Mercenary Zeira one.75%
Uncommon Hariya 1.75%
Uncommon Satra 1.75%
Uncommon Killian 1.75%
Uncommon Gillock i.75%
Uncommon Luderos ane.75%
Uncommon Papa 1.75%
Total 100.00%

Normal Carte du jour Pack

Rank Detail Name Odds
Normal Riwella 3.57%
Normal Vivian three.57%
Normal Kranterus three.57%
Normal Mephitious 3.57%
Normal Naruni 3.57%
Normal Lion Mask 3.57%
Normal Goblin Elder Balu 3.57%
Normal Ternark three.57%
Normal Cadri iii.57%
Normal Turan 3.57%
Normal Chamkuri iii.57%
Normal Phantom Pon 3.57%
Normal Telpa 3.57%
Normal Indar 3.57%
Normal Chella iii.57%
Normal Nabi 3.57%
Normal Demetar 3.57%
Normal Tookalibur 3.57%
Normal Bellita iii.57%
Normal Neth 3.57%
Normal Refugee Pamil 3.57%
Normal Yom the Squirrel 3.57%
Normal Sapiano the Fox 3.57%
Normal Mathias 3.57%
Normal Berver 3.57%
Normal Alberto 3.57%
Normal Kiessa iii.57%
Normal Hatem iii.57%
Total 100.00%

Lost Ark Rapport Chest

Rapport chests are too important to the end-game of Lost Ark. Various quest givers around the earth take Rapport, or a sort of reputation system, associated with them. One of the means that you tin can grind reputation with them quickly is by giving each of them a gift. This has a much lower cooldown than the emotes you can practice with each of these NPCs for complimentary once a solar day.

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Hither are the drop rates for all of Lost Ark’due south rapport chests.

Relic Rapport Chest

Rank Item Name Odds
Relic Gustaven’due south Holy H2o v.00%
Relic Encavian Crown five.00%
Relic Medrick Centennial Wine five.00%
Relic Beloved Toast 5.00%
Relic Living Rock 5.00%
Relic Endless Bottle 5.00%
Relic Hoyte Effect No. 289 5.00%
Relic Linderte Goblet 5.00%
Relic Azure Gem 5.00%
Relic Millennial Lotus Essence 5.00%
Relic Mask of the Oath v.00%
Relic Blessings of the Lazeniths five.00%
Relic Gienah’southward Protection 5.00%
Relic Azure Heart Fruit 5.00%
Relic Haal Money v.00%
Relic Liquor of Arrogance v.00%
Relic Crystal Necklace five.00%
Relic Albion’south Scale v.00%
Relic Lunar Knights Token 5.00%
Relic Tiroc Fruit v.00%
Total 100.00%

Legendary Rapport Breast

Rank Detail Proper name Odds
Legendary Surprise Chest 6.67%
Legendary Sky Reflection Oil half dozen.67%
Legendary Concatenation State of war Chronicles six.67%
Legendary Shy Current of air Flower Pollen 6.67%
Legendary Angler’s Angling Pole 6.67%
Legendary Major Capacitor half-dozen.67%
Legendary Bern Foundation Commemorative Money half dozen.67%
Legendary Sirius’s Holy Book 6.67%
Legendary Sylvain Queens’ Approval half-dozen.67%
Legendary Pahutur Beer half-dozen.67%
Legendary Crimson Moon Tears 6.67%
Legendary Festival of Fire and Ice 6.67%
Legendary Oreha Viewing Stone 6.67%
Legendary Necromancer’s Records six.67%
Legendary Earplugs for Warmth 6.67%
Total 100.00%

Epic Rapport Chest

Rank Item Name Odds
Epic Fancier Boutonniere 1.59%
Epic Prideholme Potato 1.59%
Ballsy Rethramis Holy Water one.59%
Ballsy Yudia Natural Salt 1.59%
Epic Encavian Relic 1.59%
Epic Hawk Claws 1.59%
Ballsy Stalwart Cage 1.59%
Epic Dyorika Straw Chapeau ane.59%
Epic Model of Luterra’s Sword 1.59%
Epic Transparent Pearl 1.59%
Epic Lakebar Lycopersicon esculentum Juice ane.59%
Epic Azenaporium Brooch 1.59%
Epic Blackness Rose i.59%
Epic Round Glass Piece ane.59%
Epic Mokoko Carrot 1.59%
Ballsy Oversize Ladybug Doll 1.59%
Epic Tournament Entrance Certificate ane.59%
Epic Anikka Lute 1.59%
Epic Fragrant Peach 1.59%
Ballsy Auto Repair Set up 1.59%
Ballsy Stern Bit Iron 1.59%
Epic Stamina Recovery Formula i.59%
Epic Hoyte 100-twelvemonth Anniversary Bookmark ane.59%
Epic Magick Cloth 1.59%
Ballsy Crystallized Magick 1.59%
Epic Exquisite Music Box 1.59%
Ballsy Queen’south Knights Application 1.59%
Epic Goblin Yam i.59%
Epic Glacial Beer i.59%
Epic Bruug Steak ane.59%
Ballsy Fantabulous Liquor i.59%
Epic Top-Grade Fur 1.59%
Ballsy Soundstone of Dawn i.59%
Epic Elemental’south Feather i.59%
Epic Shining Ore one.59%
Ballsy Truth Mushroom i.59%
Epic Broken Dagger ane.59%
Epic Book of Survival i.59%
Epic Desiccated Wooden Statue 1.59%
Epic Raccoontaurus Milk i.59%
Epic Body Sculpture 1.59%
Epic Educational Chart 1.59%
Ballsy Ghost Photography ane.59%
Epic Pocket-size Music Box one.59%
Epic Halite Statue 1.59%
Epic Former Os 1.59%
Epic Paradise Parfait 1.59%
Epic Divine Tear Orpeggio ane.59%
Ballsy Moonlight Butterfly 1.59%
Epic Mysterious Oral fissure 1.59%
Ballsy Colorful Claw Toy 1.59%
Epic Perfect Beer Stein 1.59%
Epic Danube’southward Earrings ane.59%
Epic Piyernamite ane.59%
Ballsy Hollowfruit 1.59%
Epic Pinata Crafting Set 1.59%
Ballsy Rainbow Tikatika Flower 1.59%
Epic Febre Potion ane.59%
Epic Plumage Fan 1.59%
Epic Mockup Firefly 1.59%
Ballsy Wolf Fang Necklace i.59%
Ballsy Enyaka Balm i.59%
Ballsy Pinnacle Quality Beefiness Jerky 1.59%
Total 100.00%

Want to know more almost Lost Ark item drop rates? Be certain to check out the rest of our coverage, and stay tuned to esports.gg for more on the game. We’re planning several guides to assist you out on your journeys.

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