How to Get to Jost Van Dyke

How to Get to Jost Van Dyke

Ferry from St Thomas to Jost Van Dyke

Inter Island boat service has been operating between the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for more than 35 years. They have three weekly departures from St Thomas to Jost van Dyke and St John to Jost van Dyke. But use our search box to find and volume tickets for your ferry service to Jost van Dyke.


  • Ferry trips to/from Jost Van Dyke have place each Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Bank check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure..
  • Reliable ferry schedule
  • Platonic for Day trips
  • Seat capacity upwards to 132 passengers

Warning: Note that this route crosses an international maritime border between the United states Virgin Islands (USVI) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) so a valid passport is required. A minimum of fifteen passengers is needed for the service to exist able to go alee – if this number isn’t reached on whatsoever given scheduled departure, Inter Island Boat Services reserves the right to abolish the service at final minute and offering you a date change free of accuse or a refund.

Inter Isle Boat Service ferry schedule:


To: Departure days: Deviation time:

Approx. Arrival Time:

St. John (Cruz Bay) St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) Weekdays xi.00 AM
4.xv PM
11.30 AM
4.45 PM
Weekends 11.00 AM
1.fifteen PM
4.xv PM
xi.30 AM
1.45 PM
4.45 PM
St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) St. John (Cruz Bay) Weekdays 3.30 PM PM
4.00 PM
half-dozen.00 PM
Weekends ii.15 PM
3.30 PM
v.30 PM
ii.45 PM
four.00 PM
6.00 PM
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Days of service: Departure time: Stops at: Deviation time: To: Approx. Arrival:
St. Thomas (Ruddy Hook) Tuesday
Sunday AM St. John (Cruz Bay) eight.00 AM Jost Van Dyke (Keen Harbor)

nine.00 AM

Jost Van Dyke (Great Harbor) Tuesday
3.30 PM St. John (Cruz Bay) four.00 PM St. Thomas (Red Hook) v.00 PM


St Thomas ferry Difference information

St Thomas is the principal island of the U.s. Virgin Islands (USVI) and host the Majuscule Charlotte Amalie. The island offers many pristine beaches, with turquoise waters. The eye of the isle, Charlotte Amalie, in an historic centre, with many colonial-era style building. In Charlotte Amalie, the erstwhile streets and Fort Christian are a most see!

The ferry from St Thomas to Jost van Dyke volition depart from Scarlet Hook. Blood-red Hook is a 20-25 minutes taxi trip from Charotte Amalie. The taxi trip volition costs around $25 – $xxx. Ruddy Hook is located on the Eastward side of St Thomas. Red Hook is famous for its red-tiled roof homes and its coastline that overlooks Pillsbury Sound and the island of St. John.

Jost Van Dyke ferry Inflow information

The ferry volition make it at Great Harbor, the largest (but still tiny) settlement on Jost van Dyke. From there, easily caput over to White bay for the nigh gorgeous embankment with its great option of beachside bars and shacks serving the famous soggy dollar cocktail and smashing food throughout the day. Jost Van Dyke is one of the smallest and nigh cute islands of all British Virgin Islands (BVI), with its white sandy beaches and its tropical nature. The island offers over 40 diving sites! Great Harbor is an accurate Caribbean area harbour. perfect to experience the untouched Caribbean heritage.

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Ferry from St John to Jost van Dyke

The Inter Island ferry from St John to Jost van Dyke departs from The Creek, in the northern section of the Cruz Bay harbour. Y’all can go there easily with a taxi from anywhere on the island. See the above schedule for difference days and times, or apply our search box.

St John is also part of the US Virgin Islands (USVI), but smaller and then St Thomas. 60% of the island is a protected area, which event in a very untouch and pristine island. The Island’s crystal articulate waters are full of  vibrant corals, marine creatures and shipwrecks, making it perfect waters for diving. Cruz Bay, on the western coast, is the main settlement on the isle. Cruz Bay has the island’s largest commercial centre and hosts multiple restaurants and shops.Cruz Bay likewise hosts the National Park Visitor Eye and the Elaine Sprauve Library.

Terms and atmospheric condition

100% refund minus whatsoever charges practical to make the refund (run into the general Terms and Conditions for cancellation charges) if cancelled more than than 2 weeks before difference.

50% refund minus any charges applied to make the refund if cancelled less than 2 weeks but more than 48 hours before deviation.

No refund if cancelled less than 48 hours earlier departure or for No-shows.
Engagement changes possible at any time, discipline e’er to availability.

Luggage data

NOTE: At that place is a $5* extra fee per item for checked luggage, payable on the twenty-four hours. Backpacks and carry-on bags are free.
(*= subject to change at ferry company discretion)

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Type: Ferry transportation
Construction: Aluminum

Horsepower rating: 910

Urban center: Cruz Bay

Cyberspace Tonnage: 16
Passenger Capacity: 49

Annals Length: 44.9 Feet
Regular Breadth: 14 Feet
Overall Length: 44.8 Feet
Overall Breadth: 14 Feet
Load Typhoon: three.6 Feet
Light Typhoon: 3 Feet

Year: 1977

How to Get to Jost Van Dyke