How to Get to the Grove of Dreams Genshin

How to Get to the Grove of Dreams Genshin

Genshin Impact - Slumbering Roots Quest Guide for Varuna Gatha

Slumbering Roots is a sub quest of the Varuna Gatha chain in Apam Wood, Sumeru for Genshin Impact. See how to consummate the Slumbering Roots World Quest, how to unlock, and how to find the co-operative with Arakunti and turn the three leaves towards it here!

Varuna Gatha Quest Guides
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Slumbering Roots Irate Iron Clamper
A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land Giving Flowers

Genshin Impact - Varuna Gatha Quest Guide

Complete the showtime Varuna Gatha quest to automatically unlock Slumbering Roots. It is one of the 3 required sub quests to progress Varuna Gatha, alongside Irate Iron Chunk and Retentivity of Stone.

Varuna Gatha Role I World Quest Guide

  1. Caput to the Grove of Dreams.
  2. Lure the Aranara with the Vintage Lyre.
  3. Discover the “branch” on summit of the three.
  4. Play the Vintage Lyre on the Silapna rock.
  5. Plow the 3
    towards the
  6. Render to Arakunti from the Silapna rock.
  7. Talk to Arakunti.
How to Go to Grove of Dreams
Head southwest of Apam Forest, and follow the road below the nearby domain.
At the cease of the route, you should meet a hole with a Four-Leaf Sigil to a higher place it.
Drop downwards the hole and keep moving forward until you notice yourself in the Grove of Dreams.

Genshin - Slumbering Roots Walkthrough 4

Whip out your Vintage Lyre and play the
Rhythm of the Great Dream
while standing on the designated location.

How to Use the Vintage Lyre in Sumeru

The “branch” is located behind the large tree in the centre of the Grove of Dreams, and up its branches. Yous can use the nearby Clusterleaves of Cultivation and Boisterous Mushrooms to navigate there easily.

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Genshin - Slumbering Roots Walkthrough 7

Just across the branch, play the Rhythm of the Dandy Dream on the Silapna stone to change the state of your environment to the Dream State.

“Leaves” Locations
The first leafage is but beside the Silapna rock. Rotate it one fourth dimension.
Use the four-leafage sigils to latch yourself and go the left side of the primary co-operative.
The second leaf should exist on a ledge beside two Viparyas. Rotate information technology twice.
Head to the right direction of the main co-operative this fourth dimension.
Keep using the sigils until you run into the sleeping Ruin Drake beside the last leaf.
Defeat the Ruin Drake, Ruin Cruiser, and Ruin Destroyer.
Rotate the final leaf once.

Genshin - Slumbering Roots Walkthrough 8

Play the Rhythm of the Nifty Dream once more on the Silapna Rock with the Vintage Lyre to render to Arakunti. Afterwards, jump to Arakunti’s location beside the co-operative and talk to it to consummate the quest!

Genshin Impact - Varuna Gatha Quest Chain Guide

This quest is a sub-quest to consummate the long Aranyaka quest chain, under Varuna Gatha. You’ll need to complete all quests to advance the Dream Plant nursery questline in Sumeru!

Varuna Gatha World Quest Chain Guide

Genshin Touch Version 3.0
Genshin Impact - Version 3.0 The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings
Release Date August 24, 2022

This Varuna Gatha quest was released in Version three.0, which went live on August 24, 2022! Cheque out all new content in the newest update hither:

Version iii.0 Release Appointment & Patch Notes

Quest Rewards
Genshin - Primogem Image
Primogem x30
Genshin - Mora Image
Mora x32500
Genshin - Hero
Hero’s Wit x3

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All Quests and Quest Types

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Varuna Gatha Quest Guides
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Retentivity of Rock A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund State

Varuna Gatha Quest Line Guide

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How to Get to the Grove of Dreams Genshin