How to Get Verified on Likee

How to Get Verified on Likee

TikTok is a quickly growing, popular video-sharing platform that features thousands of creators who endeavour to share their content and win the hearts of millions of viewers. However, while building a reputation every bit an influencer, at that place should be no indistinguishable accounts. Duplicate accounts misconstrue the trust of the user. As a result, social media platforms are forced to reassure the users’ trust through verification.

What Does TikTok Verified Mean?

As a TikTok influencer, your chief goal will be to build trust among your followers. The TikTok app offers to verify your identity to join your venture. This procedure differentiates your business relationship from other faux accounts in the same proper noun. It assures your account’s actuality to your followers. Once verified, your TikTok account can attract potential new fans.

TikTok Verification



, and


, TikTok doesn’t encourage you to apply to get a verified business relationship. Instead, a dedicated team from the platform chooses accounts of creators, brands, and influencers who satisfy a set up of criteria to advantage the batch.

How many followers do you demand to become verified on TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t follow any robust verification procedure that defines the number of followers to get verified directly. Nevertheless, information technology is essential to note that some accounts with thousands of followers remain unverified.

Although the benefits of having a verified badge seem enticing, your account needs to satisfy specific criteria to become the verified bluecoat. These requirements make information technology harder to get verified on Tiktok. Yet, knowing it helps you work towards it and accomplish accordingly.

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TikTok verification Criteria:

TikTok confers a verified status to your account if it satisfies some of the below criteria. It includes:

1.  Actuality

Your account should incorporate posts that reflect your original thoughts and not copied from others.

ii. Unique

Your account must contain unique content not generally found with other users. It must be quite bonny.

3. Active

Your posts should be regular and consequent.

4. Stick to the rules

Your posts shouldn’t violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Terms of service.

5. Steady

Growth of Followers

Your business relationship must see an increase in followers daily anywhere between 500 to 2000 a day.

half-dozen. Lookout man Fourth dimension growth

The number of views per video and the amount of time spent on it must abound higher.

seven. Constant loftier-quality content

Yous must post viral content to attract your audiences and go on them engaged.

8. Media coverage

The Tiktok verification team checks if you are a prominent personality featured in newspapers, Telly shows, magazines, or any press coverage that showcases your brownie.

nine. Holding a verified business relationship on other social media platforms

Although not mandatory, users having a verified business relationship on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are hands verified on TikTok.

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Steps to go verified on TikTok

Step1: Play around topics to choice your niche

TikTok is a novel platform that gives you the freedom to explore yourself with different types of content. Therefore, you lot can play around a variety of content in the beginning and don’t accept to stick yourself to a specific niche. This ensures you lot don’t compress the size of your audition, which is the most required in the initial stages. You can fifty-fifty explore the contents of different formats. All the same, post this, you need to clarify the functioning of your content of varying niches and find the one that has received maximum engagement. This will be the topic you may have to build your future content.

Step ii: Establish your niche

In one case yous identify your niche, you have to generate engaging content constantly to establish yourself in your industry. For this purpose, you need to:

  • Empathize the requirements about your niche.
  • Ascertain your account’south vocalism.
  • Research your competitors’ content to see which content performs and resonates well with the audience.
  • Examine the time to post the contents.
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Apart from preparing yourself to know how and when to post the content, you lot must engage with your audiences.

Step 3: Ensure High action and Engagement levels

It would aid to focus on immersing your audiences in your video posts.
For this, you can:

  • Add together a call to action at the end of your video or in your caption.
  • Give random details that elicit people’south comments.
  • Enquire some questions.
  • Make your content relatable and include parts that require rewatching naturally.
  • Avert using generic hashtags.

Once your content has won people’s hearts, it becomes easier to attract more people. But, and then, you have to retain the existing ones and keep growing your follower base.

Step 4: Abound Your Post-obit and Go Viral

Whether you lot desire to go viral or abound your followers, you lot have to give your followers a glimpse of the video content you are posting. For this,

  • Utilise the first few seconds judiciously to let people understand the tone, topic, and purpose of watching your video.
  • Continue your video clips crisp, and add voiceover. This way, you tin can requite more keywords and information to your target audience.

  • Include trending sounds or songs in the background quietly along with your voiceover.
  • You can even try your hands on trip the light fantastic videos provided you tin inspire your audience with stunning moves. If not, stick to a realistic random storytelling session with a quick flowing plot.

  • Post-educational videos tin exist mini-lessons that provide information on a specific topic with text over the screen in the form of bullet points. Further, yous can give advice or tips that engage and educate your audiences.
  • Similarly, shopping videos are the all-time way to monetize and gain traction. For this, y’all tin share the videos of your favorite products.

Step five: Get featured in the media

Ane of the best ways to spread your bulletin is through magazines, newspapers, television, or radio. However, YouTube clips, podcasts, and online posts collaborating with first-class creators are other best ways to accomplish out to your audiences.  These places are looking for engaging content. Provide them with newsworthy, trending, funny, or exciting topics to feature yous.

Step six: Become verified on another social media platform

Since y’all tin can’t request TikTok verification, information technology is challenging to get a verified account in Tiktok. However, you can apply for verification on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you lot go your other social media platforms verified, y’all can gain visibility and increase your probability of getting confirmed on Tiktok.

What Is a TikTok Verified Badge?

A verified account is affixed with a TikTok verified badge that signifies your genuineness. Notwithstanding, accounts without verified badges are not validated by TikTok but may however exist original. The verified bluecoat features a blueish checkmark displayed alongside your profile and search results when people search for your videos. With a verified badge added to your account, yous gain the below-mentioned advantages:

  • Establishes your authorization:
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A verified badge means an official endorsement from TikTok establishing y’all every bit a trusted thought-leader in your niche.

  • Proves your Actuality:

A TikTok verified badge validates your identity. Hence it showcases the uniqueness of your account and safeguards you from imposters who pretend to imitate your brand.

  • Exposes y’all to new followers:

Generally, verified accounts top the search results and help multiply your followers rapidly. Additionally, they help in creating brand sensation and promotion in social media.

  • Showcases your trustworthiness:

Verified accounts facilitate interaction with other authentic accounts and assist create concern partnerships.

TikTok verified bluecoat for businesses

TikTok is an excellent platform for your business organization to experiment and create unique contents that stand out. Moreover, these unconventional contents attract a considerable mass of loyal audiences who will exist able to connect to your core values. Further, your chance of getting verified on TikTok is more remarkable when you have verification badges earned from other social networks.

Oftentimes Asked Questions

Can you lot request verification on TikTok?

No, yous cannot request verification on TikTok. However, they select your account and confer a verified condition based on your activity, engagement rates, etc.

Can you buy TikTok verification?

No, you cannot purchase TikTok verification. However, if y’all are found to procure it by improper ways, your account could be banned.

Does TikTok automatically verify you?

TikTok does not have a robust process of verification. They maintain their secrecy on the eligibility criteria. However, y’all will become automatically verified when you see their secretive eligibility criteria.

How many likes on TikTok are viral?

For your video to go viral, TikTok mandates that your business relationship receives 300 points from the first 300 people who view your video get-go. Additionally, note that it earns a betoken when your video is watched 90–100% fully.

What is the Deviation between Popular Creator and Verified Business relationship badge?

Previously when transitioned to Tiktok, it recognized the famous creators of the previous platforms with a Popular creator bluecoat. On the opposite, Tiktok confers a verified account badge, assuring their genuineness.

Final Thoughts

Here, nosotros have shared simple means to go your TikTok account verified. Follow these steps, brand your content viral, go pop, get the blue checkmarks, and in a higher place all, do not forget to take fun too!

How to Get Verified on Likee