How to Get Weed in Norway

How to Get Weed in Norway

Is Weed Legal In Norway

The Nordic countries are some of the nigh liberal on earth, and Kingdom of norway is no exception. Its progressive politics are ofttimes enviously looked at from other corners of the globe, simply is weed legal in Norway?

Norway is liberal when it comes to many topics, but drug apply is not ane of them. Possessing marijuana in the country can land y’all in problem, and knowing the laws earlier you visit is a good idea.

This article will outline the laws in Norway surrounding cannabis use. We’ll talk nearly the state equally a whole — focusing on recreational and medical apply — before outlining whether the laws in Oslo are any different from the rest of the country.

Using marijuana in Norway

Norway’s laws surrounding marijuana aren’t every bit strict as you might find in some of the other Nordic countries. Just when it comes to recreational use, the elementary matter of fact remains the same — using weed for the sake of enjoyment is illegal.

In add-on to using marijuana for recreational use, you are too not immune to sell it to anyone in the country. Like nearby Sweden, Norway does not define what a hard and soft drug is; all illegal substances fall into a single category.

Fifty-fifty if you aren’t caught smoking weed, possessing weed in Norway is also not immune. Simply if you don’t accept a huge amount, you might non face significant criminal activeness — if information technology’southward your start time, anyway.

Is Weed Legal In Norway

Is it illegal to grow weed in Norway?

Growing weed in Norway is illegal, regardless of whether or not you want to utilise it for personal or medical reasons. If y’all are caught, y’all tin face criminal action — and again, the severity of your penalty will depend on how bad the authorities determine the situation to be.

If the police observe that you are growing weed in the state, you can await to have your plants confiscated.

What are the punishments for using weed in Norway?

The punishments for using and possessing marijuana in Norway depend on how much you’ve used and other factors. If you’re found to have small-scale amounts of the drug on your person, and it’s your first law-breaking, y’all will typically receive a fine — but that’s often as far equally the punishment goes.

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Things become much more than serious if you’re establish to sell weed in the state. If you lot sell, store, or supply weed in Kingdom of norway, you tin receive up to 2 years of jail time; the same is true if you try to import or export hash.

In the most serious cases, you can receive the maximum prison judgement in Kingdom of norway for involvement with marijuana — which is up to 21 years. And if yous have what the government deem to be “very substantial” amounts of weed in your possession, you can land yourself jail fourth dimension of up to 15 years.

A slightly more lenient but still strict sentence is possible if your criminal offense is an “aggravated” one. Again, information technology’southward up to the police force and court to make up one’s mind whether you autumn into that category or non.

If yous take more than than 15 grams of weed on you, y’all’re probably not going to fall into the modest offense category — and yous can expect more activeness than just a fine.

Is Weed Legal In Norway

Can I bring weed into Kingdom of norway from abroad?

Buying, producing, and distributing marijuana in a country is i thing — simply many people import their drugs from other parts of the globe. Then, is weed legal in Norway for importation purposes?

Once more, the answer is a house no. If yous’re found to try and smuggle marijuana into the country, you tin can expect the edge law to confiscate your drugs at the very least. Depending on the nature of the offense, you could face further activity.

Depending on your intentions, you could face up receiving a ban from Norway — even if you’re an EU or EEA citizen. While the Norwegian clearing directorate’s website doesn’t specifically mention the consequences of violating its drug laws, you should consider a couple of passages worth reading:

(For European union/EEA citizens, under Grounds for Expulsion):

“You can exist expelled if:

  • Yous have committed a crime under Norwegian law and
  • You are a serious threat to public order and safety.”

Similarly, you can become expelled from Kingdom of norway as a non-European union/EEA citizen — which includes people from the U.k. as of Jan 1st, 2021 – if you’re found guilty of the two higher up law-breaking criteria.

In addition to getting expelled from Norway, the authorities can determine whether you should likewise receive a ban from entering the Schengen area altogether.

What are marijuana laws in Kingdom of norway for medical purposes?

Whereas marijuana in Kingdom of norway is illegal for recreational use, things are more relaxed when talking about medical purposes. The legalization of cannabis for medical reasons is relatively new in Kingdom of norway, having but occurred in 2016.

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Getting weed in Kingdom of norway for medical utilise is nonetheless difficult, however. Costs are high, and you need to obtain permission from a professional before doing and so. This goes for both marijuana and cannabis-related products, such as CBD oil.

In about instances, your asking for using cannabis for medical purposes volition probable get rejected. You lot need to prove that information technology’s an accented necessity before a doctor gives the greenish light for you to go and get some.

It’due south worth noting that you cannot bring weed into Norway for medical use, regardless of whether a doc in some other country has prescribed information technology for you. You must receive possession from a doctor in Norway before you can use it.

Is Weed Legal In Norway

Will in that location be a cannabis reform in Kingdom of norway?

While Kingdom of norway’south laws surrounding cannabis are somewhat strict, they aren’t equally tight as in Sweden or Iceland. And in recent years, the topic of decriminalizing drugs in the country has become a stiff talking indicate — and so much then that it has been debated in parliament.

In 2017, a bill was put forward to reform drug laws. Had it gone through, possessing small amounts of drugs like marijuana would not have been punished. But in Apr 2021, those plans hit a significant stumbling block later not obtaining a majority vote in parliament.

Despite that, over 40% still voted in favor — showing that reform for drug laws in the land has a skillful level of support behind it. And before the vote, diverse individuals in Norway expressed their thoughts on decriminalizing drug use.

For example, every bit cited past Reuters, Conservative Party Health Minister Aptitude Høie said: “I believe young people tin be motivated to alter behavior without the threat of forcefulness or criminal punishment.

“This will make it easier to seek help when they demand it, as they won’t have to fear jail or fines.”

Meanwhile, Guri Melby — Pedagogy Minister and leader of the Liberal Party — said:

What Is Nordic Skiing

“Decades of criminal punishment has not worked.

“We will no longer stand by and watch people being stigmatized and chosen criminals when they are in fact ill.”

Is weed popular in Norway?

Despite marijuana being illegal in Norway, it still exists. And similar many parts of the world, weed is very pop in this Scandinavian country. In 2021, inquiry was published that looked into the use of marijuana in Norway betwixt 2010 and 2019.

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The inquiry covered over 628,000 people that were spread across Norway’due south 428 municipalities. Of those, 566,912 were usable in the inquiry — and these came from 340 of those 428 localities.

Respondents had to respond whether they had smoked weed during the concluding 12 months. Equally the study’due south findings found:

“Boys reported overall higher cannabis employ, with ~2:ane gender ratio for any by yr cannabis utilize and a three:1 gender ratio for frequent cannabis employ.

“Adolescents in Eastern Norway reported college cannabis use compared with other areas in the state, and adolescents from municipalities with a higher population size reported higher rates of cannabis use than smaller municipalities.

“A gradual increase in cannabis use from T1 to T3 was found in Eastern Norway and in the largest municipalities. More generally, proportions of past twelvemonth cannabis use showed a marked increase from T2 to T3 across genders, form/age groups, geographical location, and municipality population, with few exceptions.”

Meanwhile, figures published on Statista show that 13.ix% of research participants aged 15-24 said that they smoked weed in 2020. Afterwards that, usage steadily declined within different age groups.

Is Weed Legal In Norway

Is smoking weed legal in Oslo?

In some countries, rules are different in varying provinces and regions. For example, while Oregon in the US permits recreational drug use, Wyoming has completely banned information technology. Is weed legal in Norway if y’all go to Oslo?

To put things presently, the answer is however no. If the police find weed on yous, y’all volition face the same laws and prosecution procedures equally in other parts of Norway. As such, we recommend that you find something else to practise when visiting the metropolis.

Weed and marijuana laws in Norway

To answer the “is weed legal in Norway?” question, the answer is — with the exception of medicinal use — a resounding no. And even when using the drug for medical purposes, getting a agree of it is far from easy and often expensive.

If yous’re establish to possess a minor corporeality of weed, you will probably only receive a fine if it’s your first offense. But for repeat violations and more serious ones, you tin look a significant punishment that’southward improve to avoid.

Luckily, you tin find plenty of fun things to do in Kingdom of norway without using drugs. I is to visit Bergen, the country’s beautiful and exciting 2d-largest city. Why non observe out more about what you can do there?

Discovering Scandinavia.

How to Get Weed in Norway