How to Get Wrench in Merge Mansion

How to Get Wrench in Merge Mansion

The Valentine’south Day 2023 event has blown an air of freshness into the Merge Mansion with many new missions and activities for the players. Starting earlier this month, gamers can participate in the issue and complete the tasks to earn incredible Valentine’s Twenty-four hours Points and buy decorations from the special shop for their mansion.

One of the many new items introduced in the consequence is the Spa Day Voucher, which is an essential component of the ongoing issue in the Merge Mansion. It is a starter detail received as a driblet and tin be fuelled past other sets of items to go the number of drops required for the missions.

As a effect, players need to know about procuring the Spa Day Voucher in the game and then using it to acquire the necessary items. Here is a comprehensive guide with all of the necessary data.

Guide to obtaining a Spa 24-hour interval Voucher in the Merge Mansion

Spa Day Voucher can be received from (Image via Play Games / YouTube)
Spa Day Voucher tin can be received from (Image via Play Games / YouTube)

You may obtain the Spa Day Voucher from the Souvenir Carte du jour (Luxury Spa Voucher). Unlike other in-game items, they cannot be merged to level up. Instead, it tin be transformed into a Luxury Spa Resort, a source for another important item, Romantic Spa Day.

Fuel the Spa Day Voucher to create Luxury Spa Resort (Image via CaroGames NL / YouTube)
Fuel the Spa Solar day Voucher to create Luxury Spa Resort (Epitome via CaroGames NL / YouTube)

You lot will need a Glam Makeup Kit and Outfit Evolution or Footwear Transformation or Date Night Adventures equally fuel to catechumen this into a Luxury Spa Resort. Additionally, i such voucher will exist available on the board when you showtime the event.

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How to go a Souvenir Card in the Merge Mansion?


The Gift Menu is ane of the Merge Mansion items used as function of the Valentine’s Day 2023 outcome. Since it is the starting point for the Spa 24-hour interval Voucher, you must take clarity about acquiring it.

You may obtain the Artisan Java Card (Level ane) from the Romantic Gift (Gift Bag, Wrapped Present, and Deluxe Gift Box). These, in plow, tin can be received from the Valentine’southward Gift Store (another source item in the game).

Yous volition non receive the Spa Day Voucher immediately from it and will have to merge it up to Level 5. The merging stages for the same are equally follows:

  • Level ane – Artisan Java Menu
  • Level 2 – Pizza Night Voucher
  • Level 3 – Moving picture Souvenir Bill of fare
  • Level 4 – Amusement Part Voucher
  • Level five – Luxury Spa Voucher

Luxury Spa Vouchers can but drop 1 Spa Day Voucher.

What is the utilize of the Luxury Spa Resort in the Merge Mansion?

The Spa Mean solar day Voucher immediately transforms into a Luxury Spa Resort as soon equally the correct item fuels it. Afterwards, it tin drop 1 Romantic Spa Solar day (Aromatic Oil) per recharge every hour at a maximum capacity of thirty.

The merging stages of the items are:

The various levels of the Romantic Spa Day (Image via CaroGames NL / YouTube)
The various levels of the Romantic Spa Twenty-four hours (Image via CaroGames NL / YouTube)
  • Level one – Aromatic Oil
  • Level 2 – Manicure
  • Level 3 – Facial
  • Level iv – Hot Stone Massage
  • Level v – Pedicure
  • Level 6 – Sauna
  • Level 7 – Hot Tub
  • Level 8 – Restaurant D’Amore

These items are required across the Valentine’s Day 2023 event.

How to Get Wrench in Merge Mansion