How to Not Get Your Hopes Up

How to Not Get Your Hopes Up

Not Engaged All the same

BF has said on more than than one occasion that he does non want to propose on my birthday. He said that proposals need to have their own carve up celebration (or something along those lines). Anywho, my altogether is June 28, and he seems to be making a bigger deal out of this year than ever before. It’s non a birthday with a 0 or a five at the end of it, so I’m not really sure what the big to-do is about. Plus, I’thousand going to be out of town on my altogether for a work conference, merely similar I was terminal yr. I’ve told him numerous times I honestly don’t care if we only go out to a nice dinner and call it a day. Coin is super tight right now since we’re moving in July, going to Cancun for a week in August, at some point will be getting engaged, and I just paid $thou to the doctor’south office for my allergy shots. No need for a big celebration. But he seriously INSISTS on pulling out all the stops for my birthday. He’s insisted I ship him a listing of stuff I want, fifty-fifty after I told him I really don’t want or need anything at the moment. He’s made a point to ask most my favorite cake, helped me plan a big articulation birthday celebration with a friend that he’s insisted he’ll pay for, and he keeps referencing how he’s got surprises planned for me. He’s likewise mentioned that money is really tight for him at the moment likewise, which it shouldn’t REALLY be… he’s always got some amount of surplus each paycheck because of how strictly he budgets. And he made a comment the other day virtually how difficult it is to surprise me since we live together and do just about everything together. He’southward said before he doesn’t know how to slip away and do things exterior of the house without me knowing. Since he’s always been an online shopper, I asked what he would demand to even be doing outside of the firm, and he was like, “Oh, uh, shopping and stuff.” OH! And he got really weird almost having his gmail account open when I’m in the room, so she’south obviously already ordered something, then I don’t really know why he’d have to do physical, brick-and-mortar shopping. I told him to just tell me he was working late one dark or something since lately he’south been working tardily nigh every night. PS: How funny is it that I’m telling him how to lie to me? lol

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So, yous know, that petty vocalism within of me is saying that he could be peradventure planning a proposal and merely lied about not doing information technology on my birthday to throw me off. Why else would he get all weird most my altogether when he never really has earlier? Of form, this is hands a recipe for a giant letdown, and so I’m trying my absolute hardest not to wait annihilation. But seriously… am I reading likewise much into this?

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How to Not Get Your Hopes Up