Palm Springs Rattan Garden Classics Cushions

Palm Springs Rattan Garden Classics Cushions

Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics Launches Blog with Informative Outdoor Cushion Give-and-take

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Retail Veteran Jerry Newton provides frank and informative discussion of key components in outdoor effects in inaugral blog for Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics.
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  • (1888PressRelease) Baronial 30, 2011 – This summer, casual industry veteran and entrepreneur, Jerry Newton was tapped for the offset blog word, “A Cushion is a Cushion… but not necessarily a good ane” by Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classic as its blog, launched.

    “Our blog is intended to inform not only our clients, but also casual furnishing consumers of the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to their outdoor furnishings,” said Tami Newton, Sales Manager of Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics. “Cushions are i of the most important components of casual furniture and 1 that can make or break the entire outdoor feel.” The countdown weblog outlines that the cushion on a seating or dining group is an extremely vital function of the success of the group. “Even with the best looking frame in the earth, if the cushion is not properly designed, the group will not retail,” said Jerry Newton. “I have always believed that the first impression of furniture must exist a “WOW”, and the second impression equally the customer sits down must be an ‘AHHH.’ Every piece should be individually designed to earn that reaction.”

    Also pointed out in Mr. Newton’southward piece was the fact that outdoor cushions are condign a casualty of cost cut practices. “Even though labor costs take always been less offshore, in past years the limited option of marketable fabrics has left a lot to exist desired in both quality and style by American standards,” said Mr. Newton. “In recent years, major improvement in offshore fabrics has once again encouraged cost cutters to import cushions to cover their product. They often look “acceptable” to the untrained heart, and the landed toll of a absorber with imported fabric and fill is a fraction of the cost of 1 containing American fabricated materials and labor.” The blog continues in maxim that there is far more than to adept quality cushions than appearance.

    “There is nonetheless no substitute for well engineered consistent quality cushion filler,” said Jerry Newton. “An bonny and functional design, the proper density of high quality foam combined with premium fiber, and quality sewing is the 1 and the but way to accomplish the condolement and durability that consumers deserve and demand.”

    Newton goes on to refer to the difficulty terminate consumers accept in recognizing the difference in quality of frames between specialty products and those in the mass venues. “But when the consumer sits downwards for a few minutes, they volition become irrevocably convinced that at that place is truly a departure in condolement betwixt a practiced domestically produced absorber and a cheap import,” said Newton.

    The initial Palm Springs Rattan weblog, which as well highlights the visitor’s products, refers to i answer to the quest for quality could be found in buying American and seeking a manufacturing partner that offers American craftsmanship. “Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics is known to have been crafting cushions in Florida since the early 80’s,” said Tami Newton. “The cushions in the Palm Springs line are uniquely designed for mode, durability and utmost condolement on its specific frame. All Palm Springs fully upholstered sofas, sleepers, loveseats, recliners and activeness chairs are manufactured in the Usa past American craftsmen. There is also a very extensive selection of high quality fabrics offered at one form pricing.”

    Aye… a cushion is a cushion� and some can even expect pretty good. But when you observe the ane that is designed from top to lesser with pride and quality, you will quickly experience the difference.

    For more than information about Palm Springs Rattan and Garden Classics, visit world wide or contact Tami Newton at sales ( @ ) palmspringsrattan dot com.


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Palm Springs Rattan Garden Classics Cushions