Surya Avant Garde Rug Light Gray

Surya Avant Garde Rug Light Gray

2′ 10 3′ Rectangular

In stock and ready to send

44% Off


2’7″ x four’ Rectangular

In stock and ready to ship

44% Off


2’vii” 10 7’3″ Rectangular runner

In stock and ready to ship

44% Off


2’7″ x 10′ Rectangular runner

In stock and ready to transport

44% Off


v’iii” 10 5’3″ Circular

In stock and ready to ship

44% Off


6’7″ x 6’7″ Circular

In stock and gear up to ship

44% Off


half dozen’vii” x nine’6″ Rectangular

In stock and ready to ship

44% Off


7’ten” x seven’10” Round

In stock and set to transport

44% Off


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7’10” x 10’3″ Rectangular

In stock and prepare to ship

44% Off


9′ ten 12’2″ Rectangular

In stock and set to ship

44% Off


x’ x 14′ Rectangular

In stock and gear up to ship

44% Off


12′ x 15′ Rectangular

In stock and fix to ship

44% Off


Protect against mutual mishaps, such every bit:

Accidental rips, tears

Adventitious stains from food and beverage or human and pet bodily fluids

Delamination, loose threads and torn seams

Modest burn and rut marks (up to one inch)

Protection Programme too includes:

  • No deductibles or hidden fees
  • Receipt-less claims process
  • 24/vii client support

Run into the full Terms and Weather here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens later on I purchase the Protection Plan?

Once you purchase coverage, you will receive a welcome email, giving you admission to your dedicated portal (where you volition be able to view your coverage information and file a claim).

When does my plan coverage begin?

Accidental impairment coverage begins day 1 of buy, while defects in materials and workmanship are covered as soon every bit the xxx-day return period expires.

What happens after my merits is approved?

If damage is beyond repair, Mulberry will replace your product or volition reimburse you for your product. If a repair is needed, Mulberry will coordinate technician cleaning or repair. Mulberry volition repair your production up to its original retail price.

What if I return my product or desire to abolish my Protection Plan?

You lot are able to cancel your Protection Programme by contacting Mulberry or by logging into your customer portal. Within the kickoff 30 days of purchase, yous will receive a total refund.

What if I exchange my product for another?

You can commutation your product for an identical product, without information technology affecting your warranty purchase. If y’all exchange your product for a dissimilar item, you will need to cancel your existing coverage and buy a new programme, every bit coverage is tied to the specific product with which it was purchased.

What countries is coverage available in?

Currently, coverage is only available in the United states, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Are there any coverage exclusions?

The Protection Plan does not cover damage that occurs during product delivery, pet damage (other than bodily fluids), odor elimination, intentional abuse of the product, or theft or loss of the production.

Tin I purchase the Protection Plan for someone else?

Yes. All protection plans are transferable in ownership.

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Surya Avant Garde Rug Light Gray